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How much would it cost?

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Meme1990 Mon 17-Jul-17 06:25:53

Im considering excepting a job today where the hours are 8am until 1pm 4 days a week. But the days change each week so some weeks will need a childminder for 2 days has 2 shifts will be on the weekend and then the week after 4 days. Id need the childminder 7.30 am drop dd off at school nursery at 8.40 and then pick her up at 11.40 and have her until 1.30 pm
My question is does anyone know how much this will cost for the childminder. Im gonna phone around today to see if I can get some idea but just thought Id ask on here

JustMumNowNotMe Mon 17-Jul-17 06:36:39

The problem you might have is the picking up bit. CMs have strict ratios so are unlikely to want a child in the middle of the day for so short a time as it will mean losing money the rest of the afternoon as she or ge won't be able to fill those spaces. If you do find someone though, CMs charge anything from 4-7 pounds per hour depedning where you live.

BikeRunSki Mon 17-Jul-17 06:43:41

Have you thought of a nursery? Often can be more flexible than a CM, because they have more staff on anyway. The nursery my dc went to was happy to accommodate shift workers too.

Meme1990 Mon 17-Jul-17 06:59:43

I hope I can get somebody has when she starts school fulltime it will be perfect. I dont really want to take her out of her school nursery to put her in another nursery has shes settled and has friends there. I really hope I can get something

Snap8TheCat Mon 17-Jul-17 07:10:03

It's a tough one because really you'll be taking up a full time space. Not only is it part time, you want drop of and pick ups and hours smack bang in the middle of the day and then it's shift work so all five days will need to be kept clear for you.

What will you do in school hols?

Gizlotsmum Mon 17-Jul-17 07:12:47

Depends on the childminder/ nursery. You may have to pay for a full time space as you are essentially taking a place on the days you don't use it unless they can fill it with someone else ( unlikely). All you can do is ask. We paid £40 a day for a childminder and it's similar for nursery places here.

Meme1990 Mon 17-Jul-17 07:23:12

I will need the childminder through school holidays or I could work longer shifts at the weekend so no hours through the week

MyOtherProfile Mon 17-Jul-17 21:50:43

We had a similar issue and had to pay for the full day, not just before and after nursery because we were using up a place.

Meme1990 Mon 17-Jul-17 22:19:37

I just thought if the childminder had an empty space it would be better to have my dd for a couple of hours a day than have an empty spot thats all. Thanks for the advice anyway. I want the job so if it means paying for all day then thats fine I wont earn much after childcare but its better than nothing.

Xmasbaby11 Mon 17-Jul-17 22:22:18

I think you'd have to pay the full day. Our cm charges 4 an hour and I think the minimum is 8 hour day.

MyOtherProfile Mon 17-Jul-17 23:35:38

if the childminder had an empty space it would be better to have my dd for a couple of hours a day than have an empty spot
Guess it depends on the area. CMs don't tend to have spaces round here but you might be lucky where you live. Worth a try.

Meme1990 Tue 18-Jul-17 06:31:44

Another point too if I claimed the 30 free hours childcare. Would ot really be worth it has surely tax credits would stop but Id still be paying for childcare over my free childcare so would only get 15 hours free. Just trying to get my head around everything. I work shifts so have to pay for everyday. Luckily they are the sane times everyday

jannier Tue 18-Jul-17 09:08:36

All you can do is ring around with many of us having part time children and doing special work where we can say which days it is a possibility for example I have 2 shift children and 2 15 hour but don't mind which day children so they just slot together,

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