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Need parent opinions please!

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Dlah Sat 01-Jul-17 17:19:49

Hi all,

I am considering starting a playgroup for 2-5 year olds. Problem I have is I can't secure a venue for a full week.

As a parent, would it put you off if you could only send your child Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

I know each persons needs are different but just trying to gauge a general consensus

Thank you!

Heirhelp Sat 01-Jul-17 17:21:33

Do you mean playground as in where parents/caters and children go together or a preschool where you follow the early years curriculum and the child is left there without the parent?

GreenTulips Sat 01-Jul-17 17:21:45

Are you expecting stay and play or drop off?

4/5 year olds would be in schooL

You need to be a bit clearer in what you are offering

Dlah Sat 01-Jul-17 17:49:48

Sorry ladies, maybe a regional thing, we call them playgroups/play school here but yes following the EYFS, sessional care 9am - 12noon, 1pm - 4pm & option to stay for lunch club

Dlah Sat 01-Jul-17 17:50:35

Don't know why I just put ladies you could be gentlemen for all I know! Please excuse!

Dlah Sat 01-Jul-17 17:52:36

And also 2-5, to cater for those who wish to delay school starting to the limit of the term after their 5th birthday (rare but option just incase) I expect more 2-3

Snap8TheCat Sat 01-Jul-17 17:56:59

Most parents of children that age will be looking to use their 15/30 funded hours so whilst it might be ok for some, the majority wouldnt be keen sorry.

onthewagonwheel Sat 01-Jul-17 17:57:34

It would put me off yes. Even if it worked for my current schedule I would prefer to know different days might be an option if things changed.

PotteringAlong Sat 01-Jul-17 18:08:15

So you mean a nursery? Yes, it would put me off.

GreenTulips Sat 01-Jul-17 18:48:04

Ok - won't really work unless you have a good solid base - so you have all the equipment set up - play stuff - sand water - quiet room - etc

What about staff - where will you fine 3/5 day workers?

I think you need to rethink

Yukbuck Sat 01-Jul-17 21:10:11

I'm assuming you aren't in the UK?

AddictedToDrPepper Sat 01-Jul-17 21:17:13

Would put me off, I need childcare five days a week not just three.

Snap8TheCat Sat 01-Jul-17 21:33:29

OP says they would follow the EYFS- why would you assume they are not in the U.K.? What other countries follow it? confused

insancerre Sun 02-Jul-17 08:06:36

It will limit your customer base massively
Especially in a climate when lots of nurseries and preschools are closing down

Whynotnowbaby Sun 02-Jul-17 08:18:41

Sorry I agree with pp. My dd only attended preschool 2 days a week but they needed to be days that fitted with my work schedule not random days (in fact it was Tuesday and Wednesday for us).

Heirhelp Sun 02-Jul-17 08:37:41

We use childcare so need set hours and days of our choosing. 9 until 4 would also be too short to accommodate our working day.

My DD nursery is in a scout hut and on certain days they have to empty certain rooms. It works fine.

RandomUsernameHere Sun 02-Jul-17 08:44:31

It would not put me off, but I am a SAHM. My DC are going to a local preschool for 3 days a week, 5 hours a day so they will get their 15 hours. It is a lovely preschool but tends to be used by SAH parents or those with nannies as it finishes at 2:15 and is only open term time. Families where both parents work normally use nurseries instead.

Yukbuck Sun 02-Jul-17 09:10:33

snap8 no need to be like that. I am a child carer in England. So I've no idea what other countries follow. I know that the UK follow EYFS. The reason I asked about the UK thing is because it is a lot more regulated here than just finding a venue. And she mentioned nothing about the new 30 hours childcare. I was only asking a question.

NuffSaidSam Sun 02-Jul-17 13:24:00

I think it depends where you are. We are in an area (West London) where the waiting list for pre-school places is ridiculous. No-one can get a full time space and most people don't get to choose their days, you get offered the days and you take them or you don't. You would be full to capacity in about a week here.

To the posters saying they need childcare, pre-school/playgroup is not usually a childcare option because it's only open a few hours a day, it's not a day nursery situation. It's more similar to school, they only open in term time etc. It's used alongside another childcare option or by SAHP.

Heirhelp Sun 02-Jul-17 15:05:49

My nursery also runs a preschool for older children and operates on term time plus the holidays if needed so my DD does term time plus one day a week in the holidays. I only need term time childcare.

jannier Sun 02-Jul-17 22:20:16

This is the traditional playgroup model not intended as a day care but to support children in separating from main carer. You would need to look at your local area and see the demographics. It would appeal to sahm and grandparents who want a break from full time care.

Dlah Mon 03-Jul-17 11:12:31

Thank you everyone for your comment;

It's not a nursery concept, I've done nurseries for 10+ years, someone nicely summed it up as the support before the school transition. So yes the EYFS will be followed but more suited to those who just want to get their children socialising and learning new skills beforehand.

The area in which I'm looking could really use one, the nearest is a 15 min drive away but the village itself is very family heavy, I'm just gutted I can't find a full time premises otherwise that would be my first option.

Fully aware of the 30 hours, however I also know (particularly in our area) a lot of providers have opted not to offer it, sticking to 15 and letting children split care with another setting.

Thanks for all your input 👍🏽

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