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Vouchers and tax credits

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sphinxster Thu 29-Jun-17 13:41:48

I'm getting well ahead of myself here but I have a job interview tomorrow. I have 2 children under two years and just thinking about childcare.

They would have to go into nursery while I'm at work. The job is 24 hours a week and £26,000 pro rata so about £1,200 per month.

I have a partner who works full time. I don't think we're entitled to tax credits but what is this government voucher scheme where you can pay for childcare pre-tax?

Any advice?

nannynick Thu 29-Jun-17 18:52:55

Try using to see what your options are. Answer questions based on what you expect your financial situation to be once working.

Acorncat Thu 29-Jun-17 20:50:41

I've just registered for tax free childcare. It was really easy, once it's set up you just pay into an account using your debit card and the government automatically add an extra 20%. Then you pay your nursery from there.

You might qualify for the childcare element of tax credits if your nursery bill is high enough, depending on your joint income. The EntitledTo website is good for working it out.

thepetitpear Sun 02-Jul-17 19:58:47

I've just registered for this too as I've been offered a part time within the NHS that fits in around school hours. Like Acorncat says, it was really easy to sign up and you add your childcare providers from the list and it generates an account for them to be paid from.

I'm stoked about it. It's going to save me £16 a week for my youngest until she qualifies for the government funded hours in April.

Every little certainly helps.

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