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Childcare under 2/ Single mother & education

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user1498558052 Tue 27-Jun-17 11:17:17

* I am 20 years of age my daughter is 18months. I am struggling financially and out of education.

I would like to study part time to finish my qualifications as I have been unable to complete my College courses due to pregnancy.

I am a single parent with minimal family support and my fathers child is not active in my child's life due to issues with abuse in our previous relationship. I don't have any friends as my social life has disappeared due to the adaption to pregnancy life

My daughter has a allocated socialworker who isn't very active with providing support with financial issues/advice and is more concerned with regular visits and questioning what my hopes are for the future other than helping me find the right support to adapting to my new family

I've done my best to research the funding route for my child but have been unsuccessful due to limited childcare availability for her age.

I am really desperate to get back into education and I'm becoming overwhelmed that I am unable to continue building on my future.

I've been advised to live off the benefits I'm on and enjoy spending quality time with my daughter from other people that aren't doing so well and don't encourage people to attempt to be successful this worries me as I do not want to fall into that category.

I've have attended a college for advice
Which explained they was unable to give me the full information they would like to provide as they only had knowledge about the support available in their borough

They mentioned university as an option
But was unable to know if I'd be eligible for there courses I would like to choose to study as I do not have GCSEs A-C in math and English and have yet to complete the last 2 units in health and social care level 2 although I had got distinction and merit that provide im capable to complete at high levels despite my dyslexia.

I would like to study counselling but have been told I would have to pay to study the course as it is not funded by the government.

Is their any suggestions or advice you can provide regarding my circumstances?

I previously worked two jobs (retail & youth work) including full time education
It is important for me to be financially stable especially during these times

( I've decided to choose the education route over working as I am in temporary accommodation and have been placed in private housing until my daughter is 2 which would be even harder to survive as I'd be paying full rent and tax)

mumofone1403 Fri 28-Jul-17 22:23:14

I have just come across this post as im currently looking for childcare for my LO and noticed that no one had replied and my heart went out to you and i wanted to see if you had managed to get any further with your quest for childcare and education? Im afraid i dont know enough about studying alongside childcare and the only advice I could offer is to speak to your local Citizens Advice to see if you are entitled to any schemes/grants that could help and to look at nurseries near a school/college you wish to attend and speak to them about options/services. Not sure if you have already seem this link and I do hope you are able to find something and admire you for wanting to further your education and do better for yourself and your daughter. Dont give up. xx

DoveOfPiss Wed 30-Aug-17 13:07:09

Hi have just come across this post too as I'm starting uni in September and need to sort childcare for my 3 youngest after school as I won't get back until after 6pm which is after school club closes.
Last year I did an Access to Higher Education diploma at our local college and there were people there doing maths and English GCSEs at the same time. The college actively encouraged parents to study, they had a nursery attached to the college that was 8am to 6pm hours.
I think there's some funding available for younger students but not sure. The college may have a hardship fund which as a single parent, I qualified for my travel costs to be reimbursed. As a mature student I got nothing else funded, so have scraped by this year on tax credits and child benefit and a discretionary housing benefit payment. Just about made it but we've had no holiday this year.
Looking forward to my student maintenance loan come October.
Good luck and don't give up x

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