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30 hours childcare

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r4ch3l Mon 26-Jun-17 21:43:32

My mom is an ofsted registered child minder. For the past year or so she has only cared for my dd. A few others on and off but has always done 2 days a week looking after dd. Which I pay her for (she is registered self employed)

The remainder of the week dd is at nursery. She has her 15 free hours there- nursery will not be offering the 30 free hours. I have read that the additional 15 hours can be used with a childminder. I have also researched it from a child minders prospective in terms of making the claim etc. Looks fairly straightforward. My question is - is there and rules against childminders claiming the 15 hours for children they are related to or is this allowed provided they are ofsted registered?

Snap8TheCat Tue 27-Jun-17 13:49:16

Yes there are rules and your mum won't be able to offer it to her granddaughter unfortunately.

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