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Please help with my options!

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bootoaghost Tue 13-Jun-17 14:52:25

I've never had to use childcare before as dh has always worked I've always been sahm so I've no idea how it all works and need some help regarding what I'm entitled to and the best plan to how to go about things now that we have seperated .

3 Dc are.... 11 (goes up to high school in September)
6 and 3 (starts nursery in September)

I've been offered a really good job around school hours for 16 hours per week
Mon, tues, fri and sat (Saturdays they are usually at grandparents)

Dh works rolling shifts so he will work 4 days on 4 days off which means his days off are different every week. E.g. This week he's off mon-thurs and next week tues-fri and so on.

He will have dc 2 nights starting early the first day until dinnertime 3rd day so I can't rely on him to be able to have dc on the days he's working but how do I go about this with childcare?

Also what about school holidays as il need help with all 3 ?

What help with costs will I get?

Any advice would be appreciated so much as I feel at my wits end I'm getting so stressed out but I need this job for stability money wise and eventually it will lead to me earning more too. I will be classed as self employed also if that makes any difference. Say like when you hire a chair in a salon type job I will be earning money from a percentage of what I do work wise but I've worked out it will be approximately £120 a week which I will then be entitled to tax credits .

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