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Dlah Tue 06-Jun-17 21:31:05

So my DD is 7 months old, myself and my OH said from the off (if we're lucky enough - 2 children) he's an only child, I'm one of 4.
Anyway, prior to DD I worked two jobs part time equating to full time hours so for maternity I've received SMP from both jobs which has helped tremendously especially as we purchased a house just before Xmas.

Anyway, I've agreed my return to one position but was considering leaving the other. Job 1 will be 2 x 12 hour shifts a week and we have 2 family members who will have her one day each. Anymore than this would mean paying for childcare - my partner outright doesn't want to pay.

He happened to drop in about having the new one (if luck serves us) when she's around 2, which tbf is not that far away in all reality. I'm only going back in Sep so could be off again same time next year.

I've pointed out to OH I either need to suck it up and keep both jobs and pay for childcare so I can have better maternity again OR

Quit job 2 but know he'l have to support me a lot more next time (this time bar the odd treat I've still paid all my bills and the joint house bills as usual)

His answer - neither is feasible we'll just have 1 child. I'm gutted. We discussed children (so I thought) before we had DD and I feel like he's changing the goalposts. I've always felt (excuse anyone who disagrees) "an only child is a lonely child" I love the support I get/have gotten from my siblings in life. I don't want to deprive her of that.

Apologies, I guess more of a vent rhan anything as I know no one can sort this for me but me sad

jannier Wed 07-Jun-17 20:25:13

Why not wait until your first is 3 then you will get 15 (or if it works out 30) hours free?
As it is you can claim tax credits depending on your income which can pay up to 70%.

I don't get the my bills bit if your a family isn't it our bills?

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