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Alternative options, opinions?

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Kelsoooo Sun 14-May-17 11:59:30

So, in our area childminders are at an absolute minimum. There is one, yes one, that does school pick up and drop off from the school our two children are at. And she's full.
We can't move the children's school. That's not viable.
We've spoken to FIS who advised they are aware of the fact there is a shortage of options but they can't do anything about it.

There are no before or after school clubs.

So we went down the the au pair route.

We had three successful placements. Covering nearly a two year span. Then three not so successful, one had to return home due to family illness, one was ideal on paper but when she got here....massive misrepresneting had occurred. Then one was a bully, truly vile to the children. The girl we currently have is lovely, but very homesick and just told us she is has decided to leave us on the 11th June

We are exhausted with the whole thing.

So we were thinking about finding someone who is already in the UK and in a similar situation to myself at 19/20.

Basically our idea is offer board and lodgings, payment (more than the au pair but less than a nanny) in exchange for 15hours care a week and some light house work (very light, vacuuming, washing up, dusting etc).

We would want to reach out to girls that are perhaps in a less than ideal situation, no work, family break down etc.

Basically, the au pair situation but with someone already in the UK (nationality is irrelevant, we have a high rate of polish community etc locally) and someone we can help in the way I needed it back then. Does that make sense?

Opinions? Ideas? We've checked the governments information and can't see why we can't do this?

nannynick Sun 14-May-17 21:44:34

Live-in nanny job. No issue with offering that. Have a clear job description and an accommodation licence. Nanny payroll providers can assist with that and producing payslips. Agree a gross salary, deduct taxes as required.

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