Low platelets (gestational thrombocytopenia)

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MrsWombat Mon 07-Apr-14 05:36:43

Has anyone had this?

I'm 8+5 and the results have come back from the bloods at my booking in appointment that I've got low platelets. It's 91 so a lot lower than they'd like, but not dangerously low. Didn't have this with my previous pregnancy. Everything I've read suggests this is more common in later pregnancy, so I'm worried the count is going to get even lower. Having another blood test today as apparently the blood clumped so they couldn't get an accurate reading (fingers crossed it was wrong) so will ask the midwife more questions then.

The one thing I'm really worried about is my birth options. I had an EMCS last time so was hoping for a VBAC this time, but in my head I'm very prepared for a c section with spinal. Now I'm reading that if my platelets get too low a spinal will not be possible, so it will have to be a general anaesthetic c section, which would be devastating for me. sad Or they might induce/give me a spinal c-section early before the platelets get too low, not ideal but better than general.

I know this is a long way off and I'm probably panicking about nothing, but if anyone has any comments good or bad, that would be great.

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cathpip Mon 07-Apr-14 05:58:27

Platelets renew around every 14 days or so. I had levels of 105 throughout my pregnancy and am now cuddling 7 day old dc3 who was born via elcs (but not due to platelets). I also happen to work for a surgeon and an anesthetist who when I told them of my platelet level did not bat an eyelid, in fact one of them said "it doesn't start getting fun till they are much lower"! Hope this helps.

MrsWombat Mon 07-Apr-14 06:43:55

Thank you cathpip! It's reassuring to know that your platelet levels stayed the same throughout.

I take it you had a spinal for your ELCS?

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cathpip Mon 07-Apr-14 12:25:39

Yes I had a spinal, and my overall blood loss was only slightly higher than the average.

amyJ1 Mon 07-Apr-14 13:09:24

Hi just found this post while frantically googling about low platelets during pregnancy, im 27 weeks and mine have been dropping was 143 at 9 weeks, 130 at 13 weeks, now 112 today. Doctors are not worrying but will monitor and test blood at every visit. My fourth pregnancy never had this before, worrying im going to bleed to death or something awful.....would have this baby out tomorrow if I could!! From what I can see for most people things are normal, im just really anxious about it...

Jcb77 Tue 08-Apr-14 18:49:44

Hi all. Platelets over 100 - no worries - can have a spinal or an epidural. 80-100, ok if rest of clotting screen normal. <80 gets a bit more tricky on the risk/benefit balance. Probably no to an epidural but yes to a spinal (much much smaller needle with less chance of causing significant bleeding). Also have to weigh up experience of the operator and other factors that might make a GA more or less risky. Platelets below 50 often gets a platelet transfusion (for surgical bleeding reasons) and most anaesthetists wouldn't consider a spinal. The cause and rate of the falling platelets is also a concern. Rapidly falling is more worrying than steady but low. Pre-eclampsia is more worrying than ITP. Either way, if it's known about in earlier pregnancy, a chat with an obstetric anaesthetist and bloods once you are in labour ward is important - you want a clear plan in your notes and up to date results, not some taken yesterday or a couple of weeks ago. There are other pain relief options available too that can be discussed (such as a pca) so you're forewarned if your count is low!

Lozzapops Wed 09-Apr-14 08:39:38

I had low platelets throughout pregnancy, which caused me huge anxiety, as I had really fixed on the idea of having an epidural. I couldn't contemplate the thought of labour without one, so the nearer to 100 my platelet levels got, the more nervous I got!

At my last check before things kicked off, they were 103, so I started having to de with the fact I may not get an epidural. I was then induced at 40+2 due to pre-eclampsia. Platelet check at the hospital was 90, and the lovely anaesthetist agreed to do an epidural (I love that man, haha!). After I had the epidural sited, more blood work was done later on and my levels had dropped to 75. SO glad they did the epi when they did. I'm not sure what is considered a "normal" amount of blood loss for a vaginal birth, but I just looked at my notes and apparently mine was 400ml.

It is just such a shame that there is nothing you can do/take/eat to increase your platelet levels.


Tea1Sugar Wed 09-Apr-14 08:58:25

My friend had this. She had an epidural in the end but her ds seemed to inherit the condition and required a platelet transfusion shortly after birth. He's around 8 weeks now and has twice weekly blood tests. He can't have his standard jabs until his platelets have reached a certain level. My friend is absolutely fine though, all traces of the condition went as soon as he was born.

cathpip Wed 09-Apr-14 09:04:27

400ml is the expected amount of blood loss, mine was around 600ml, but everyone happy.

MrsWombat Fri 11-Apr-14 18:43:03

Thanks everyone. My retest gave the result of 114 so a bit better. I have to have another blood test at my 16 week appointment to monitor it.

Don't know anything else yet. I guess I'll find out at my 16 weeks appointment, and can ask at my VBAC appointment as well.

Glad to know that a spinal has a lower platelet criteria. I don't plan on having an epidural (famous last words) but a C Section with a spinal is definitely my plan B so glad to know it's still a possibility.

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SellyMevs Sun 13-Apr-14 22:35:56


SellyMevs Sun 13-Apr-14 22:40:09

whoops... pressed too soon!!

I don't suffer with low platelets, but I do have a bleeding disorder that means the platelets I do have don't function as they should. I'm under the haemophilia clinic and have already been given my birth options. It is the preferred option for me to have a vaginal delivery as the risk of haemorrhage is actually lower than c section. I'm not allowed an epidural, so EMCS will also be under general. I can only have pain relief intravenously, along with gas and air.
For me the scariest part is being told what I have to do with no personal choice over my birth plan

SellyMevs Sun 13-Apr-14 22:42:40

Phone is seriously playing up tonight!!

There is every possibility that your platelets will improve, but if not they will have the best plan in place for you. I hope it works out for you in the end, it's still early days smile

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