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Portland elcs mummies+mummies 2b

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blossom11 Sat 21-Jan-12 20:37:12


Having recently been on the tour and booked up for elcs in a few weeks time, i just wondered if anyone has any recent experiences there to share??

Also if anyone could help clarify a couple of minor points that i forgot to ask ( will double check when i have my booking in appointment) The midwife said that they provide everything for the baby we just need to bring a take home outfit and car what extent do they provide everything??Sorry to be pedantic but does that literally mean nappies,cream, cotton wool,babygrows to wear during hospital stay etc etc??And is there an extra charge for this??ie do they charge per nappy???(we are not covered by insurance so will be self pay)

Also, can anyone give me an indication of what pain relief you had once you were out of recovery???( i realise everyone is different) but just wondered what level of pain relief was needed and for how long??And do they charge for this pain relief once you are out of theatre??

Also, how long after surgery did they get you up and in the shower??and what did you wear in hospital?what sort of clothes are best/most practical??

I would love to hear about any experiences you've hadsmile
Very excited first time mummy 2b

ajmama Sun 22-Jan-12 11:44:28

Everything is provided like they say and you can have as many nappies as you want and the lovely nursery nurses on both occasions sent me home with a load of booty. If you want to formula feed they have aptimil sma and cow and gate and there is no judgement whatsoever. There are also great lactation specialists if you want them.

I had a combined spinal/epidural and when I had enough of the epidural line I had tramadol plus panadol and votlorol. You will not be allowed to suffer pain and there are no extra charges.

You are up on the same day and once you have the epidural out you can bath or shower and I took loungewear as an alternative to jammies and ballet pumps and slippers.

Who is your consultant and anethietist, sorry cant spell. You will have a magical time, I had 2 elc there and all the staff are fabulous xx

BagofHolly Sun 22-Jan-12 15:06:15

Everything ajmama said! As far as what to wear, I had a breastfeeding nightie and some silky pj bottoms cos it's easier to shimmy up the bed! Which cons do you have?

BagofHolly Sun 22-Jan-12 15:11:07

Sort out your parking early! We parked in the holiday inn nearby or got the tube in for appointments but parking is a but of a mare! For mother pickups/dropoffs you can leave the car in the valet parking bit at the front but not for long.

ajmama Sun 22-Jan-12 15:36:40

There is Devonshire St around the corner or like Bags says the Holiday Inn.

ghislaine Tue 24-Jan-12 21:05:02

Hi Blossom - lucky you! I had ELCS at the Portland about ten days ago and didn't want to leave. You will be taken care of so well.

It's true, they do provide everything for the baby, and when you leave they'll tell you to clear out your cot cabinet and take home all the cotton wool, sudocreme samples and nappies. The Bounty lady also loaded us up with Bounty packs. The baby outfits are more of a vest with tie strings at the back - not so stylish! All the baby gear should be included as part of your self-pay package. I also was encouraged to take home a supply of maternity pads, disposable knickers and the surgical stockings (to use on flights - they are £50 the pair!). If you want formula top-ups, they're handed out, no problem, and we were given half a dozen to take home as our baby had lost a bit too much of his birth weight. I was on insurance but this did not include cover for the baby so I had the same concerns. But we have not been charged for any of this.

I had a spinal and afterwards had a steady dose of codeine, paracetamol and diclofenac (and lactulose for the constipation). One night I was not so well and had intramuscular tramadol and buscopan. I also had daily clexane injections for blood clotting. I was only charged for the two take-home injections and some codeine and diclofenac (it was about £6 for these two, less than the NHS prescription charge).

Unlike the others, I was terribly lazy and stayed in my hospital gown the whole time (new one each day - it not as bad as it sounds!). I was up and showering the following day. You'll get a visit from a post natal physio and plenty of help with breastfeeding, and babycare.

The staff are incredible. If you want or need help, you will get it.

Ps make sure you order the afternoon tea! And send your husband across the road to Villandry for their fabulous pastries.

blossom11 Mon 30-Jan-12 17:55:18

Hi Ladies,

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and tips and congrats to you all on your babies!!Iv really enjoyed reading all about it- and its got me even more excited now!!!just wish the time would go a bit quicker!!!
AJmama/Bag of holly- my consultant is Patrick O Brien- hes amazing!!!!love him!!i dont know about anesthetist yet??il just go with who he suggests i guess???
On the parking front- hopefully if all goes to plan we have a car arranged to drop and collect- altho i will make a note of those car parks just in case!!!
The afternoon tea sounds delicious!!!iv made a note for things for hubby to do i will add that to it!!!hehe!

Thanks again ladies

ghislaine Mon 30-Jan-12 20:09:38

My consultant was Pat O'Brien. He's a safe pair of hands. Very unruffled. My section involved some tricky sewing up afterwards due to my idiosyncratic blood vessels but it was handled very calmly. If he uses the same anaesthetist as he did for my section, he is great (in his 50s, called Tim). I had no idea that the spinal was even being done, and he did a good job of chatting with us during the op. He took some lovely photos too.

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