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intrauterine pressure monitoring

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milward Wed 17-Aug-05 19:51:02

Saw my doc today who says, despite my cs scar looking fine on ultrasound & a previous vbac, that I'd have to have intrauterine pressure monitoring during labour. She thought I'd had this last time but my labour was too quick to get this in place.
Has anyone had this? I feel like saying a big but nice no to this as I don't want the waters artifically ruptured & I want to be mobile as much as possible.

milward Thu 18-Aug-05 09:28:14

Just to ask if anyone has had a intrauterine probe in labour? It is used after the waters have boken & monitors the contractions inside the uterus.

blondehelen Thu 18-Aug-05 09:46:07

No sorry, but bumping in case someone else has.

milward Thu 18-Aug-05 12:17:49

Thanks blondehelen. Seems to be something not used much. Think I'll be refusing this intervention.

mears Thu 18-Aug-05 12:21:21

milward - the last time I saw this used was 20 years ago during my taining!

It is cumbersome and inaccurate. Waters need to be broken which is intervention for a start. Was used initially when trying to assess strength of contractions when syntocinon drip used.

You certainly could not be moblie in labour. Best to go into labour naturally - sounds as though you laboured fine last time. I would defo refuse this 'offer'

milward Thu 18-Aug-05 12:32:51

Thanks mears - happy to know I'm right to say no to this. My doc was worried about cs scar but had a vbac last time & was ok plus had scan & thickness of scar just fine. Wonder why she could think it would be a good idea. Have told my dh that I wont be having this so he deal with the docs if need be.

mears Thu 18-Aug-05 13:05:06

Because of outdated old fashioed medicalised approach to childbirth

milward Thu 18-Aug-05 19:09:15

Very true where I live. I've managed to find a clinic that has a natural approach but still have to defend myself & baby against nasty intervention. Last time there wasn't time for any intervention - hopefully this time as well. Saw the doc writing this action onto my notes so will have to be sure that she understands when I see her in 2 weeks that it wont be happening. Thank you once again Mears - your advice on mumsnet really means alot.

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