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Anyone else have terrible head and neck ache after childbirth?

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TopTrump Sat 03-Jul-10 16:51:28

I gave birth to my gorgeous DS1 on Tuesday and since then have been suffering from horrible neck and head pain, which is confining me to bed, propped up on pillows. It hurts too much to lie down and when I stand up I get loads of pressure in my head. For the first couple of days I also had a ringing in my ears, but that has subsided and the headache has got worse.

The doctors/midwifes/anaethestists (I had an epidural) aren't concerned, but I am! It's debilitating and I can't show off DS1 as I would like to!

It doesn't appear to be a spinal headache from the epidural, but I'm not ruling it out. It could have been caused by the hour of pushing I did, or also hormonal changes.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? How long did it last? Any tips for getting rid of the pain? Paracetamol and codeine just take the edge off but don't do much really.


mintyfresh Sat 03-Jul-10 20:00:18

I had a severe spinal block headache after I had emergency c-section with DD. I was very stressed as DD was rushed into intensive care so wasn't sure if it was worry that had caused it but turned out it was the anesthetic. I then had a procedure where they gave me another injection in my spine to sort it out. The headache was gone in 24 hrs thank goodness. It was the worst headache I have ever had in my life.

I would get it checked out again if it hasn't gone soon.

smilehomebirth Sun 04-Jul-10 18:13:04

Just questioning because I have no idea - why doesn't it appear to be a spinal headache? I remember the anaethestist saying to tell if I had a headache after because they could do something about it (probably what mintyfresh said).
Any better today?

NorkyButNice Sun 04-Jul-10 18:20:27

I had a spinal headache after my failed epidural - the pain was worse than childbirth itself.

I had a blood patch the next day (they draw blood from your arm and inject it into your spine) - that failed too and I refused another one so had to lie flat for a week after DS was born.

If you can't lie flat then it probably isn't a spinal headache, as I believe that's the only comfortable position you'd have.

TopTrump Mon 05-Jul-10 11:08:22

They don't think it's a spinal headache because I'm not in enough pain, apparently! hmm
The pain is bad but I wouldn't say it's worse than childbirth.
I went back to the hospital yesterday and the anaethetist was convinced it's some kind of tension/stress headache, which lots of women get after giving birth. I've just got to keep taking the painkillers and wait for it to go away.
I guess it hasn't even been a whole week yet, which isn't that long, considering what my body has just been through.

NorkyButNice Mon 05-Jul-10 12:14:13

Spinal headache was definitely very painful - I couldn't be upright at all, but I guess there could be grades of severity depending how much spinal fluid leaked out.

It's not as simple as a blood pressure issue?

TopTrump Fri 09-Jul-10 11:43:15

Thanks guys, whatever it was seems to be sorting itself out now and the pain has mostly gone.
What fun this childbirth business is! wink grin

JimmyChoo17 Mon 25-Jul-11 02:15:30

Bump for recent info?!!!

Epidural Friday for induced contractionas situation changed within hour had emergency c section so yet more numbing StuffIt on top of epidural.

Baby all safe. Phew...

However I had since developed like a tension headache and ache in shoulders....only to find out it seems that epidural or the anaesthetic used for susequent emergency
c section - has affected me. Headache been worse but I've not been up keeping my meds it's obviously been masked somewhat!

So how has everyone been fixed? HAVE u even BEEN fixed?

Can no logger tilt head Dow, chabge nappies etc.

Have rung hospital and consultant or anaesthetist speaking with me about it in morning.

Lots of my care been mucked up! sad

Luckily I have a healthy beautiful boy to show 4 it grin I just cant care for him..... angry

TrinaLuciusMalfoy Mon 25-Jul-11 08:44:12

From what I understand, an epidural headache is the most crushing headache you could ever experience.

FWIW, I had awful neck ache after DD was born: I worked out it was because I was feeding her and spending all my time looking down to the side grin

WasSparklies Mon 25-Jul-11 20:15:03

I had awful neck/head ache too. Turns out I'd been clenching my jaw without realising whilst breastfeeding.. and given they nurse 24/7 when they're little you can see what happened. Also not helped by falling asleep mostly upright in my chair and I think sliding my jaw slightly out of alignment in the process. My bite felt wrong for a while, although weirdly I did a similar thing a second time and I swear my bite was corrected!

I had a bastard headache for a good month or so - in the end within a week of concentrating on NOT clenching my jaw it went thank goodness.

Could this be a possibility?

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