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Probably a really stupid question about skin to skin...

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bsmirched Fri 02-Jul-10 15:23:59

Hi all,

I've read lots about the benefits of skin to skin contact at birth and am very keen to ask for it. What I'm wondering is, I'm not planning on labouring in the nude, so what happens? Do I just whip my top off the minute he or she pops out? Will I be in a fit state to do this? Do I do it before hand? If so, when?

As I said in the thread title, probably a silly question, but please humour me!

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bluecardi Fri 02-Jul-10 15:26:00

If you're wearing something you'll just lift it up or take it off at the right moment.

Carbonated Fri 02-Jul-10 15:28:18

I was wearing a nightie shen DS1 arrived and he was placed on my stomach, then whisked away to be weighed etc (don't get me started on that...) and then the MW helped me to take my nightie off for the prolonged skin to skin.

Chelle1986 Fri 02-Jul-10 16:11:04

I actually think thats a really good question - there is no way on this earth I will give birth nude, and I hadn't thought of that...!

Bonsoir Fri 02-Jul-10 16:12:08

I gave birth nude - I got in the bath a few hours before and never got dressed again. Quite honestly it makes it much, much easier to give birth!

Carbonated Fri 02-Jul-10 16:15:49

Same here Bonsoir (with DS2) and I am normally a total prude. Labour has a funny way of making you not care as much about these things as you might think beforehand.

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Jul-10 16:16:24

i wasn't plann ing on labouring nude either

but mid-labour i lost all inhibitions and got rid of the annoying clothes and did it naked!

if you really don't want to labour naked then either wear something with buttons that you can undo when baby is born, or take your top off/lift it up

Marjee Fri 02-Jul-10 16:39:27

I gave birth wearing my top and bra (turned up pushing so only had time to take bottom half off). Ds was put on my stomach straight after birth, then after placenta and stitches I stripped off for skin to skin and bf.

rebeccacad Fri 02-Jul-10 16:47:33

I had no plans to be nude either, but was in the bath until I rather unexpectedly started pushing and there was no way in hell that getting dressed occurred to me at that point. Even though 2 London ambulance crews and 2 midwives got to see me in all my glory.Nice. I do now wonder what the young ambulance chap thought when he found me in my bathroom, on the bathmat on all fours with my bare arse in the air repeating 'i must not push, i must not push'...?

Anyway, should you manage to keep your modesty, just wear something loose which can just be lifted up or opened with buttons.

Marjee Fri 02-Jul-10 16:52:41

I've just remembered watching a birth dvd the mw gave me when I was pg. The woman gave birth on all fours in a big t shirt and as soon as the baby was born the mw passed him through her legs and up the t shirt so she had skin to skin straightaway.

bsmirched Fri 02-Jul-10 16:55:02

Thanks everyone. I'm being induced on Monday due to blood pressure problems, so hopefully your advice will come in handy sooner rather than later!

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FessaEst Fri 02-Jul-10 20:35:16

If you are being induced etc, you could ask for a hospital gown and wear it with the gap at the front (it ties up until you need it open), then it's their laundry wink.

I had a water birth and wore a tie-up halterneck tankini top, just undid the tie and cuddled DD to my bare chest.

christina1971 Fri 02-Jul-10 20:45:59

Good luck bsmirched! I didn't think about it until a few days before, either, and midwife recommended a comfy, loose t-shirt (without bra). Hope things go well for you on Monday.

harverina Fri 02-Jul-10 23:03:37

Not a stupid question - before labour I was very shy about showing my boobs! Wasnt so bothered about people seeing the other end but my top half I was worried about! My MW was very discreet and helped me take my nightie off. I had bought nighties with buttons to open but it was too much hassle in the end and to be honest, I stopped worrying about it. All I wanted to do was cuddle my DD.

bsmirched Fri 02-Jul-10 23:19:23

Thanks again everyone - suppose I better get my birth plan printed off, such as it is!

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booyhoo Fri 02-Jul-10 23:21:46

i wore a nightie taht had buttons at the front (not as groovy as it sounds actually quite nice) and when ds was born i just opened the buttons and slid him inside and pulled a blanket up round him.

DuelingFanjo Fri 02-Jul-10 23:22:54

Do they not provide some kind of sheet or blanket after the delivery? what about warmth?

Esme01 Fri 02-Jul-10 23:23:06

wear a pyjama top with buttons that you can open

Earhart Fri 02-Jul-10 23:24:59

I wore a nighty with lots of buttons during labour then took it off first time, and a T-shirt second time as had no time to change. Do put in the birth plan that you want skin to skin asap after birth, as I forgot all about it second time around!

booyhoo Fri 02-Jul-10 23:29:42

yes they do wrap the baby in blankets once they have checked all the things they are supposed to and this is usually pretty quick.

DuelingFanjo Fri 02-Jul-10 23:35:37

no - I mean don't they provide a sheet or blanket for the mum?

booyhoo Sat 03-Jul-10 01:46:15

i had a sheet put over me once he was out but it only really covered my middle as i had to get stitches. hospitals are usually roasting anyway so i doubt you will be cold.

DuelingFanjo Sat 03-Jul-10 10:42:32

I know people say 'oh well you lose all dignity once you have given birth so it won't matter' but, really, they don't even give you something to cover up with? shock

LadyintheRadiator Sat 03-Jul-10 10:46:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

booyhoo Sat 03-Jul-10 12:58:29

when i had my stitches there was only the midwife and OH in the room, once she was finished i had bath and changed and went to the ward so there wasn't much chance of anyone seeing anything. really, you probably wont even be aware that you are uncovered if you are having stitches, and they put the sheet up over my knees so really only the mmidwife could see my bits, which was important as she was weilding the needle grin but they do give you sheets.

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