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Advice needed

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jofeb04 Fri 12-Aug-05 10:45:56

Hiya all,
Im suffering with extream SPD, cant walk or even move my legs at all etc. Im on Co-codamol, which isnt helping any more.
Im seeing a consultant in two weeks, who will advise the best way for labour, and my community midwfife has stated that its probably best now to have a section, or to be induced at about 37weeks.
What are your views on any of these two options. I want to be able to say to her what i would really prefer. At the moment, its a section, as i wont be nervous about the chance of having an assisted delivery (which i had on my first) etc.

koalabear Fri 12-Aug-05 11:22:27

i think it is your view of the two options which matter - both have their place in the safe delivery of a child - so if you have a choice between them, it should be down to how you feel

so, how do you feel about 1. induction at 37 weeks, and 2. c-section (I presume in the same time frame)?

koalabear Fri 12-Aug-05 11:23:16

and why are you nervous about an assisted delivery?

jofeb04 Fri 12-Aug-05 11:28:06

Having SPD, ive been advice by midwife and consulant that having an assisted delivery could damage the area even more long term.
Im nervous about induction, has people have stated it might not take, and dont know how i really feel about a section. the section was always first choice, but now the time may come, getting nervous about it!!!

koalabear Fri 12-Aug-05 11:50:59

i think that the advice of the consultant needs to be considered - c-sections are not given lightly, and there is no way that they would recommend one unnecessarily

i had a planned section for medical reasons, and quite honestly can say that it was a fantastic experience - all the theatre staff were fantastic

compared with my friend who had to have an emergency section after 24 hours of labour, i know that by having a planned section i was better prepared both physically and mentally, and therefore, healed much quicker afterwards, had less pain, was mentally not disappointed etc etc etc

so, i guess what i am saying is that it is better to have a c-section planned based on sound medical advice, rather than go to induction (which may cause you further damage), and then have an emergency section anyway

happy to talk further about this if you are interested

joec Fri 12-Aug-05 12:37:59

hi had spd with all 4 pregnancies and had normal deliveris with the ist 3.
on my 4th spd was so bad i had a c-section and can honestly say it was a brilliant experience.
i was given co-dydramol painkillers in pregnancy and also hired a tens machine to help with the pain and this did help alot , anything is worth considering when you are in alot of pain. maybe worth a try

mummyhill Fri 12-Aug-05 15:31:25

I can't give you any advice but suggest you put a call out for kiwikate she had some useful links and informationfor someone on my antenatal thread.

pjsmum Fri 12-Aug-05 21:30:07

Hi, i went for physio for my spd, brilliant it was! I could walk normally and wasn't in constant agony. I ended up having a c-section due to complications in labour. I was told the same about induction (wasn't given the choice of a section)You need to decide what you feel happiest with but i was disappointed with having a section. However saying that if i had had the choice i believe a plannned c-section can be a fantastic birth experience and would of opted for that. Don't know whether this helps but hope you are ok and the spd isn't getting you down too much

KiwiKate Sat 13-Aug-05 09:35:44

Here is the link to the thread that mummyhill was talking about. In it I summarised my reasearch on SPD. This is not scientific, but is taken from personal experiences of women with SPD. Hopefully you will find something on there helpful (see bit about waterbirth), and you might even find something to help prior to the birth.

I have SPD and am planning on a waterbirth. However, you need to do what gives you peace of mind. I am not sure what option I would have chosen if I had not been able to minimise some of the effects of my SPD with the tips that I list on the link. Especially swimming 2 to 3 times a week has really helped (and avoiding lifting heavy things and avoiding walking more than absolutely necessary). Must admit that at first swimming was really sore for the first five minutes each time I went. Now (three months later) it is painfree.

My point is really that some women are pushed into c/s without knowing that natural childbirth is possible for an SPD sufferer. In days gone by c/s's were routinely done for SPD sufferers, but that is no longer the case. You have been recommended this route, no doubt because of the severity of your SPD. A badly managed birth for an SPD sufferer can lead to further longterm problems (but your medical people know of your condition, so if you go assisted delivery they will be able to manage the process to minimise any impact it might have on you after the birth). At the end of the day you need to do whatever you believe is going to be the least stressful for you. For me personally, the idea of c/s freaks me out. I had a natural birth with my first (although not a water birth) so am much more comfortable and confident with going that route if at all possible (now adding waterbirth to the plan if possible).

You don't say how many weeks you are now. You may be able to minimise the affects of the SPD now (with treatment and/or tips listed on the other thread). This might help in making your decision. Take care of only taking the midwife's advice though - you need to check with your consultant. Find out what options he/she recommends AND WHY, so that you can decide a birth plan that you feel comfortable with.

I understand that induction is not a walk in the park. Also my ds (not induced) was born at 37 weeks and had a lot of digestive problems that were put down to him being three weeks early (so that is another thing to think of). He couldn't latch for BF, and fed every 1 - 2 hours (which can be normal, but apparently more common with early babies. Why would you need to be induced so early? I can't understand the need for induction. If you are having a vaginal birth, why not just have it when the baby is ready to come? Of course c/s has a whole host of down sides to it too (major surgery etc).

Good luck!!

SpikeMomma Sun 14-Aug-05 19:19:16

Jofeb04 - I had SPD from 5ms+ and ended up house bound on crutches for the last month or so of my pregnancy. It was truely awful.

I had a natural birth. Used gas and air -wanted an epidural as i didn't want to feel the spd pain when delivering - but birth was too quick, 2.5hrs. I coped fine with this though - so may be you would too with a natural birth. Baby was 9.4lbs too! (think his weight didn't help my spd!)

I also got a third degree tear during labour so ended up needing surgery. Had to be in stirrups a couple of times, but, because my midwife was very good, she ensured the theatre team knew about my SPD and were careful. I didn't experience any probs and any excess pain - infact the spinal was great - first time experienced no pain in months! So again, may be you could handle it with good briefing of your carers.

I was induced with pessery as i was late. Being overdue took it's toll on me - i was broken physically and mentally by the SPD towards the end. Also, because of tear i've been told probably end up having a c-section next time, was disappointed at first but i actually now think knowing when the spd pain will stop (been told will get spd again), will be a blessing. All people i know who have had cs have said it was fine - so perhaps a planned C-section may have it's benefits for you if your condition is severe. I hope this helps with your decision.

Best of luck and keep positive (i really feel for you). It is so worth it in the end!

jofeb04 Sun 14-Aug-05 19:23:13

Thx for all the advice, its great knowing others have gone through it this bad!!
I'll see what the consultant says first, before making up my mind!
I suppose im more concerned about needing a assisted delivery, simply because my first was like that. Still, i know not two labours are like the same.


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