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anyone have granulated scar tissue following tear in childbirth?

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TakeLovingChances Fri 11-Jun-10 17:10:15

I gave birth to PFB 15 weeks ago, had 2nd degree tear which was stitched. The wound got infected and was treated with anti-biotics.

Anyway, fast-forward to almost 4 months and it still isn't healed! It has impacted my life moderately badly, mainly in respect of my sex life with DH. Penetration is painful and psychologically I don't want to be touched.

I've seen 3 GPs and 2 midwives about this and today I was referred to hospital consultant (ref might take 12 weeks to happen).

The GP I saw today said that the wound has granulation tissue that will never heal on its own. He said that some people are prone to such tissue.

Really my options are a) leave it and suffer the discomfort etc, b) have it burnt off with silver nitrate, c) possibly have it cut, but this may produce more granulation.

All in all it's quite upsetting.

Anyone have any experience, words of comfort or advice?

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OooohWhatIfItHurts Fri 11-Jun-10 20:21:19

I'm following this thread closely as I too have a "flap" of granulation tissue following a second degree tear. I've been referred to a consultant but haven't yet been brave enough to book an appointment.

I'm trying not to be too negative about it and thinking of it as a minor procedure the scale of which is utterly dwarfed by having the baby in the first place. Also when I first saw my "flap" I thought I was coming undone, so really it could be worse. But I've heard that the silver nitrate procedure can be painful, like really painful, so I'd be keen to hear some personal experiences about that...

TakeLovingChances Fri 11-Jun-10 21:32:49

Glad I'm not the only 1!

Hopefully someone else will come along soon with relevant knowledge/experience.

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PinkElephant73 Fri 11-Jun-10 22:09:01

I had an episiotomy wound which did not heal well and ended up with a skin tag or similar which was removed with silver nitrate. This was uncomfortable but not unbearable.

The psychological trauma was much worse to be honest. by that point I just felt like my body had been totally trashed by the effects of childbirth. it took a few months to get over the fear of sex causing pain.

dribbleandworse Fri 11-Jun-10 22:30:22

Hi. I have been referred as i have a extra 'flap'of skin after episiotomy (2yrs ago). G.P was a bit vague, but reading your posts it sounds similar?

sillysow Sat 12-Jun-10 09:07:13

ditto pinkelephant73 I had the same. Being my first it took me 6 wks post birth to realise it should be better. Had the silver nitrate applied - which hurt a bit but paracetamol sorted that out - now its fine - sex life is not a problem at all.
"Back then" I would have climbed the walls just wiping myself after the loo.

It can be alright again hugs

alexw Sat 12-Jun-10 09:13:26

Dd had granulation tissue on her belly button when stump fell off. I sprinkled it with salt and about 2 hours later it had shrivelled up and fallen off - a bit like a scab. So, maybe some salt would work? Or very salty bath? Just a suggestion.

TakeLovingChances Sat 12-Jun-10 10:48:58

Yeah, that all sounds familiar. I do have a flap or skin tag type thing yes. That's the result of the granulation, as far as I understand it.

I'd be a bit scared to pour salt onto my vulva, tbh, alexw, and I've tried salty baths and it didn't change much.

Glad to read that silver nitrate works and isn't too painful - I was very scared that it would be a world of pain and ineffective

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sillysow Sat 12-Jun-10 10:54:07

takelovingchances the one thing I would recommend is to take 2 paracetamol before you go - its really not to bad - but it will take the edge off.
Def worth doing tho!

veryveryveryworried Sat 12-Jun-10 14:32:32

I had granulation scar tissue after third degree tear and had it removed with sliver nitrate. Can honestly say it didn't hurt at all, was done very quickly and painlessly. I was a bit surprised to be honest, one minute was sitting on chair talking to consultant the next he said 'let's have a look' and then whipped out the silver nitrate and did it there and then....

lilimom Wed 23-Jun-10 16:13:38

I had the same issue and just had it removed with silver nitrate.. I was afraid to have it done because I expected it to be really painful.. but it actually felt better than before just a couple hours after having it done.. the doctor said it would be worse the second day but that wasnt even true.. it really only hurt for maybe 2-3 hours and it really helped!

jennifermc Thu 24-Jun-10 08:53:47

Hi there TLC

That all sounds very traumatic and sounds something like the condition I came out of the Royal Victoria Hospital in 4 years ago.

As a result of my treatment there I am now researching the maternity experiences of women in their twenties. This is part of my PhD at Queens in Belfast.

I would be really interested to hear your story and would love it if you could spare an hour to meet up and do just that!

I can send you an information sheet on request.


GirlWithTheMouseyHair Thu 24-Jun-10 22:22:29

this sounds like what I had - no tears, just a graze but 4 weeks after birth was still hugely painful weeing etc, GP said scar tissue had overgrown. I wasn't given an option - she popped me up on the bed and got the silver nitrate out!

Stung like buggery for a few days in all honesty, actually painful just to sit down which I didnt even get after labour, but within a few days all pain gone and am totally back to normal - DH says he can't see any difference either. Only hurts to have sex now if we don't do it often enough grin

faddle Thu 24-Jun-10 22:30:37

I had an episiotomy which ended up infected, and I had ulcers with it for ages, I ended up with a skin bridge rather than a skin flap, and after 6 months of discomfort and being unable to have sex, I went to the GP who referred me for a refashioning. I was expecting it to be horribly painful, but actually, even the day after the op, with 15 stitches in, wasnt actually as painful as the day before the op. I was given antibiotics to make sure it didnt get infected, and it healed perfectly, 10 days later I was riding my horse, something I hadnt been able to do the whole 6 months since my sons birth.
If I'm honest, its the psychological trauma which is the worst thing, DS is now almost 6 and I still havent let DH see "down there" and I probably never will, even since I had the operation, I still feel as if its disfigured somehow.

Fairyprincess101 Tue 13-Jul-10 08:23:30

Its good to read similar stories. I also need to get past the psychological effects- havent been able to have sex since had my baby 12 wks ago due to infection from retained placenta, then op to remove it-now find I have granulated scar. I know what you all mean about feeling disfigured, is it normal at this stage for the vagina to look so wide? Thanks

Emilysmummy10 Tue 13-Jul-10 11:47:07

I had an episiotomy having my daughter and also developed granulation, i went to the gp to get checked and they put me on a course of 2 lots of anti-biotics which i was on for 5 days and within around 3 weeks it had completely cleared up. the doctor told me that if the antibiotics never cleared it up completely then they would need to use an antibiotic steroid cream which thankfully never had to happen. I am still sore down there but the granultion itself has gone. Still sore to go to the toilet (both 1 + 2 sorry tmi) and cant even nearly have sex yet but only had little one 9 weeks ago so not expecting too much lol

greyhound8 Tue 13-Jul-10 20:14:12

I had an episiotomy and my stitches fell out after 5 days leaving a gaping hole where my perinium should have been - after two courses of antibiotics to clear infections - the wound did start to healslowly by itself but I was left with a section of flesh which would not heal upwards (if you see what I mean)- this was at 10 weeks post-birth. My GP was not sure that this section would heal by itself and said that I would need to be referred back to the consultant for possible corrective surgery.

I found the whole healing experience very difficult to deal with and at many points doubted that it would ever heal up.

I took lavender and tea tree baths twice a day but sincerely believe that what eventually helped the final part to heal was using PROPOLIS gel on the wound - propolis is the substance produced by bees to provide immunity to their hive. I had previously used this to treat acne and cold sores so thought I would try it. Within a week of daily application the difference was dramatic. Within a couple of week it was completely healed. I buy my propolis gel from QVC by the way (from a brand called SBC) - I swear by this.

I kept my appointment with my consultant but was healed up by that time and got the all clear from him that day.

I hope this helps. I completely empathise with you regarding the healing process. It can be very difficult to deal with psychologically. I am absolutely fine now and hope you will be too.

LazyDaizy Wed 13-Apr-11 08:23:08

Just discovered my lack of healing following an episiotomy 20 weeks ago, is due to granulation scar tissue. The consultant at hospital did not offer any other treatment other than surgery under general anaesthetic (hadn't heard of silver nitrate treatment). I realise that it's not going to go away by itself but am nervous that surgery will just result in more scar tissue, pain etc...

Anyone had this type of surgery recently?

madmomma Fri 15-Apr-11 08:23:44

I had this yrs ago when I had my now 13yr old. I couldn't have sex for 8 months after the birth. NHS surgeon booked me in for an episiotomy but I couldn't go through with it. An aromatherapist adv me to massage the scartissue very firmly with extra virgin olive oil to help it break down. it worked after a few weeks. x

Alsyri Mon 22-Aug-11 04:29:50

I had my first child 2 months ago today. Leading up to my 6 wk appointment I was terribly sore and uncomfortable. At my 6wk app I found out I had granulated tissue. The dr didn't give me a choice she cut it off, gave me a few stitches and used the silver nitrate. I was in a lot of pain. So much so I thought I was going to be sick. Leaving the hospital, I was asked if I had just had my son as that's how I was walking! By the next day I felt 100% better than before the app. The dr had said it may be fixed with one application but as it turns out, I can feel the same pain & effects starting all over again sad guess it's back to the drs. The things no one warns you about before child birth!

breatheslowly Tue 23-Aug-11 09:16:15

My consultant pulled off my granulation tissue (I don't think there was that much). It didn't hurt at all. My GP was shock when I told her, so maybe it isn't a normal way to deal with it.

yummytummy Thu 25-Aug-11 20:31:53

hi, i too had graulation tissue after 3rd degree tear. it was incredibly painful especially during sex as others have said. in the end i was referred to a womens gynae physio who did a course of ultrasound treatment on the area. i also had to do stretching exercises and pelvic floor ones. it took time but did heal in the end. felt normal ish after 12 months. agree the psychological trauma is almost worse though. luckily then had elcs with dc2 which was best decision i ever made! good luck hope it gets sorted for you.

BobbieSox Thu 25-Aug-11 20:56:12

I had this too - I had the lumpy part removed under general anaesthetic. Couldn't have carried on with it as it was, bleeding, sore etc. Good news is operation was totally fine, no pain afterwards, and vast improvement to the point where sex was actually comfortable.

If anyone is in doubt about pursuing this option, it worked for me!

shannonchilds Wed 12-Oct-11 02:47:14

I had a baby on August 20th (7.5 weeks ago). I was given a 3rd degree episiotomy. A week after the baby was born I found out the stitches had broken through the tissue. The doctor removed them and said the wound had to heal on its own. I had to keep going back to have the area checked. It appeared to be healing ok and he said to go back just for my 6-week appointment. At that appointment I was told I had granulation. She treated it with silver nitrate which did hurt at the time and hurt all day but the next day I was actually almost pain-free. I went back a week later (today) and was told that it was somewhat better but I do still have some granulation. She treated it with silver nitrate again and said I have to go back next week and see the doctor and discuss possible options. So hoping to finally recover from this... I never imagined recovering from a vaginal delivery would be so hard but my baby was big (10 pounds 13 ounces) so I guess he did some damage.

LAbaby Wed 12-Oct-11 03:38:52

I had this too - granulation tissue after tearing during birth at the end of June. I had a ventouse delivery as my baby's heartbeat dropped and I tore badly. The 'flap' was picked up at my six week check, although I already knew something wasn't right. I then had weekly appointments during which the unhealed 1cm was cleaned and treated with silver nitrate to remove the scar tissue. It did sting!
Last Monday was told it had completely closed and given the go- ahead to start having sex again. Baby is now 15 weeks So it took time but the treatment worked.
I am in the US so at my request was referred to a specialist colorectal surgeon who dealt with this for me - she normally deals with cancer patients.
It might seem a small thing to some but I was really distressed by the flap, I couldn't let my partner to touch my down there as i was too upset. And yes i know it was nothing really compared to some birth injuries but i am the kind of girl who likes to have regular waxes and takes pride in my appearance down there. And to be honest I can't imagine a man being told to accept a penis injury!!
The surgeon reassured me and told me that if the silver nitrate didn't work I could have surgery but that wouldn't be an easy option and would be in theatre.
If they tell you the flap can not be treated please ask for a second opinion.

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