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St Thomas's - private room vs postnatal ward

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emben12 Mon 24-May-10 18:01:34

Hi - I'm new on here. I'm sorry if this is a discussion that's been had many times before but I really wanted to see if anyone had any feedback for me. I am due to have my baby at St thomas's in the next week or so (first baby). I have heard great things about the care during labour but horrendous things about the postnatal wards. I have found out that if I need a c-section my private health policy will cover a stay in the private ward there. Has anyone experienced trying to book a private roomin the Landsell Suite on the day of birth - as it is such a busy hospital I am concerned that if I want to pay for a private room on the day, it will probably be full. Any recent experiences would be greatly appreciated.
thanks so much!!

DyeInTheEar Fri 04-Jan-13 21:11:44

fabhead I had my DS at St Thomas's December 2004 and the postnatal ward was awful for me too.

I was in for five nights and discharged myself in the end as wasn't being cared for at all. I'd agree with your entire post fab - I was going to list my own experiences but think you've had enough OP! But it was horrible - and I wish I'd made an official complaint at the time. I was just relieved to be out.

The prenatal care was excellent though OP.

My experience is eight years out of date and no doubt things have improved. However, based on my experience I'd avoid it if you could.

Though you can't predict these things - try and do the home from home - and you can avoid the labour ward / postnatal ward altogether.

AngryAndLost Fri 31-May-13 00:29:28

I know it is an old thread, but wanted just to tell you that things have not changed at ST. Thomas' postnatal ward at all! Had my DC a week ago by c-section, and care was great while on the 7th floor, but then got transferred to the 6th floor postnatal ward and things went only downhill. Do not want to bore with all the details, but care was minimal, night midwife lazy and useless, cleaners did not clean blood by my bed for 2 days and then I got shouted at by one GESTAPO officer (not sure what her position on the ward was) to be carefull as 'cleaning staff do not like cleaning blood' ! My stay there was horrible. I have made oficial complain as things I have endured there should not be happening in the hospital- no matter how stretched NHS is.

wispa31 Fri 31-May-13 10:02:44

angry -that sounds like a nightmare!! good on you for complaining! no one should endure any of that, thats what we are paying NI for is it not?? if they dont like cleaning blood WTAF are they doing working in a hospital?? see they should never have gotten away from matrons and auxiliary staff on wards. wards were cleaned thoroughly, agency staff dont give a shit.

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