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What was second time around like?

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lovecloud Fri 05-Aug-05 23:37:18

Was giving birth the second time easier, better for you?

I have heard from 3 people in the last month who had 2-4hour labours second time around and said although painful (well it has to be) the second time was easier and it was all too quick for any intervention.

Also anyone had a hospital birth for no.1 and home for no.2?

Thanks x

hunkermunker Fri 05-Aug-05 23:38:20

Hi LC - am currently pg with second baby and hoping for a homebirth - so will watch this thread with interest! xxx

Eugenius Fri 05-Aug-05 23:42:45

easier - I had an epidural

handlemecarefully Fri 05-Aug-05 23:46:50

Massively, unbelievably easier. Didn't even realise I was in labour (thought it was a few twinges) until I was 7cms dilated. 1st labour was horrendous.

lovecloud Fri 05-Aug-05 23:49:16

my first was normal i guess. 12 hours of excruciating pain, i asked if i was dying and requested all forms of pain relief, i wsa given pethidine which i relayy enjoyed and forgot about the epidural and was finally told to push, i then thought i was about to meet my baby but had to wait another another two hours due to trying to push her out, when she did she was blue and had the cord around her neck so had to be resusitated. after that blood start spraying out of me like a sprinkler and the bed turned to a sea of red. i thought i was dying and went all faint but was told that my bladder was full and just needed to wee!

so althought i have forgotten the pain, i still have the memories of the blood and will definitely ask for a catheter this time!!! but will it be as bad is what i want to know. if not i would like to give birth at home, but i am terrified of bleeding again and the drive to my local hospital is about 20 minutes but with lots of speed bumps - ouch I rememeber the taxi bumping over them - the pain, i was breathing so hard I had steamed all the windows up...

gingernut Fri 05-Aug-05 23:53:36

Mine was as bad if not worse (it was longer and I didn't get an epidural second time so it felt worse). But first time I did end up having an episiotomy and ventouse whereas second time it was a normal delivery (although I did tear badly but the stitches weren't as bad as the first time).

handlemecarefully Fri 05-Aug-05 23:54:34

My first was 26 hours, posterior position (agonising and generally accepted as the most painful labour you can have). Dd was born with breatheing difficulties and spent the night in SCBU

Like I said, 2nd labour was fab. Was shopping and eating leisurely lunch and complaining of mild twinges not realising that I was in labour...

BadHair Fri 05-Aug-05 23:54:57

Much easier. Ds1 took 24 hours and epidural (plus top ups) to come out.
Ds2 arrived in 4 hours flat - 5 mins from end stage 1 to birth. He arrived so quickly we didn't make the labour ward.
Think it was because I deliberately didn't do any pelvic floor exercises after ds1 - muscles were so floppy that he more or less dropped out on his own.
Have heard that no. 3 is often the hardest though ...

lovecloud Fri 05-Aug-05 23:57:46

badhair - that does not sound good!
what happens when you do star jumps???

lovecloud Fri 05-Aug-05 23:59:10

Also I was my mums no.3 and I weighed in at 10.11lbs and i was the largest but not the hardest but she does blame me for long lasting effects on her body... she did not do her exercises!!!!

eidsvold Sat 06-Aug-05 03:22:05

well first was an emergency caesar and I had an elective second time... better prepared second time round - at least I had my hospital bag second time..... But both were quite calm and amazing experiences......

lockets Sat 06-Aug-05 06:51:41

Message withdrawn

emmatmg Sat 06-Aug-05 07:10:58

DS1 was born in hospital, DS2 (and 3) born at home.

Very fast labaur and birth for DS2 resulting in unplanned HB. All over in 3.5 hrs.

DS3 even faster still, 2hrs 16 mins according to my notes.

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 07:28:28

every single one of my labours were different. but yes I suppose 2nd was shorter, depends when you time it from too as different people count the start at different times!

Tinker Sat 06-Aug-05 11:15:55

2nd = 1/2 the time of first but definitely more pain. Excruciating. And I think I have quite a high pain threshold.

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 11:20:02

pain was no more..infact probably less.Even though they broke my waters then discovered she was back to back!!! then 10 to 15 mins later she shot out!!! Midwife wasnt ready!!!

trefusis Sat 06-Aug-05 11:23:00

Message withdrawn

paolosgirl Sat 06-Aug-05 11:30:03

Much, much easier. First time round was 12 hours long, culminating in a ventouse delivery (at my own request) after pushing for 2 hours - all on just gas and air!!

2nd time around I didn't realise I was in labour - thought I'd been having Braxton Hicks all afternnon. Got to 9 at night, things were getting quite sore (not excruciating), got the hospital and DD was born 2.5 hours later after gas and air and 3 pushes. Bliss

RosiePosie Sat 06-Aug-05 11:35:03

First labour was a 3 day hospital affair, baby in posterior position, lots of horrible intervention, even more horrendous week long stay afterwards (baby being treated for jaundice). Second was a homebirth, 8 hours from start to finish. The actual giving birth part was more painful, as I'd had an epidural the first time - but on the whole a MUCH better experience. I'm doing it at home again.

merglemergle Sat 06-Aug-05 12:41:47

Hi. I was booked for a homebirth for no 2 but transferred to a birthing centre.

I transfered because I do make a lot of noise in labour and was very worried about ds (22 months) coping. I do mean a LOT of noise. I felt inhibited from doing this while he was in the house and for this reason, partly, the labour slowed and stopped. Hence it took in total 36 hours (1st was 1 1/2 hrs!). I made the decision to transfer btw, no pressure at all from mw.

I'm not trying to put you off a homebirth at all, and I'd love to have one in the future. Also, the transfering to and from birth centre was very straightforward (own car although 5 cm at time), although we do live 5 mins away.

The main thing is DON'T do what I did and fail to pack a hospital bag. This is despite also being transferred with ds (for blood loss) and being a week overdue! NOT fun trying to pack a bag at this point!

lovecloud Sun 07-Aug-05 22:23:51

Well I have to say I am delighted to see that the majority of you had a faster second delivery but it worries me slightly to hear it was more painful. I could not beleive the amount of pain i went through with my dd was possible to live through!!! So i can not imagine it any worse and she weighed under 8lbs.

cod Sun 07-Aug-05 22:24:25

Message withdrawn

Nemo1977 Sun 07-Aug-05 22:29:08

interesting thread...i am pg with no.2 and ds was induced but once waters broken he took 90mins to arrive so if it gets easier i am a happy woman

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 22:29:39


in fact, very very fast!

spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 22:30:49

really quick, quickest and easiest though was baby number 4 though.

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