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no baby movements, just tight belly, should i worry?

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missytequila Wed 31-Mar-10 10:51:44

I am 38 weeks. Since 37 weeks I have been having braxton hicks contractions, strong general tightening of belly and they are quite often throughout the days, although not painful, just uncomfortable... Since yesterday I have felt baby moving only 5/6 times.

Midwife told me 10 movements in 12 hours, well there were 7 movements in 15 hours yesterday and no movements as of yet today.

I am worried. Its my first, is this normal? Does baby not move a lot in last weeks? Anyone with any help/advice/experience??

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truthisinthewine Wed 31-Mar-10 10:54:46

Your right babies tend to move about a bit less in the last few weeks due to lack of space.

BUT I think you should phone whoever is caring for you and tell them. My DD2 stopped moving at the end of my pregnancy, I was induced staright away after a scan to check bloodflow through placenta (which was fine), she was/is fine and I have no idea what caused her to stop moving.

Do not sit about worrying, please get checked out.

lola0109 Wed 31-Mar-10 10:55:38

Hi, baby will move less but I think it should still be the 10 movements so if you feel worried I'd contact MW, just pop in to get a wee listen in with doppler to put your mind at rest.

Try hot bath, drink a hot/ice cold drink, or just sit down and relax. Movements are much less noticable at this stage in my experience as there is less space, but if you are relaxing you should notice them rather than if you are up and about.

I've had these tightenings too but still movement in between.

Hope all is well.

LouMacca Wed 31-Mar-10 11:46:04

If you haven't already I think you need to contact your MW just to put your mind at rest.

Hope all is well x

FatSeal Wed 31-Mar-10 12:02:53

I would get it checked out- I think they move in a less obvious, kicking type of way as they are running out of room, but they still squirm about and stretch at their usual times of day.

The advice leaflet I was given says if you think they are not moving much, to have a hot/cold drink and lie down on your side for an hour, during which time you should definitely feel some movement. If not, then phone the mws for a check.

Good luck

weloveyoumisshannigan Wed 31-Mar-10 12:08:23

I would get checked out but at the labour ward rather than get mw to do it with a doppler. When it happened to me the doppler was fine but the continuous monitoring over 30 min picked up a problem. My baby was very ill and was born by emcs. I was told he wouldn't have survived until the next day. (I was going to wait because I had a mw appointment the next morning and I thought I was overreacting). Sorry to sound so dramantic. In all liklihood you will be fine but it doesn't hurt to check.

mintyfresh Wed 31-Mar-10 14:15:40

Definitely get it checked out - don't want to worry you but this happened to me and I just assumed everything was ok then I had a placental abruption. I would now do anything to change the fact that I didn't act on my niggling concerns.

Hope all is well.

missytequila Thu 01-Apr-10 23:57:15

thanks to all the responses, you encouraged me to get checked out... that I was not just paranoid first timer.

Went to hospital for monitoring, they were a little concerned, but then said they just think labour is coming soon. Am 1cm, dialated and they did a tiny sweep... now waiting to see what happens..

thanks for telling me to go, feel much better being checked out.

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sunshineandshowers Fri 02-Apr-10 19:39:39

I had very reduced foetal movements on the morning that labour started. Had baby following morning! Good Luck. Apparently it can be baby resting before labour?

Nimirehan Sun 13-Oct-19 23:01:03

Hi, I need urgent advise, I just did a air travel of 3 hours, I am 34 week pregnant, my bally is so tight, there is no baby movement, right now I am far from to access a Dr. Kindly tell anything to Che Check either everything is OK with my baby, urgent feedback plzz,

SockQueen Mon 14-Oct-19 09:25:27

@Nimirehan you need to find a way to get to a hospital to get checked, nothing we say on here can be accurate.

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