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Advice needed after complications and emergency c-section

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strawberry Sun 17-Jul-05 17:14:02

My cousin has had an emergency c-section and is critically ill. I think she has severe bleeding. SHe was about full term and the baby was 7lb. they think he has kidney problems and has been transferred to a specialist baby unit.

My cousin had high blood pressure during her pg which was being monitored. Her waters broke a couple of days ago but she was sent home as no sign of labour. She then started bleeding and was rushed in.

I know the details are sketchy but any advice is much appreciated.

mumfor1sttime Sun 17-Jul-05 20:53:13

Hi sorry to hear about your cousin, hope things are improving. I had emergency c section due to high bp and breech baby, my waters broke on same day that I had baby, and within hours I was having contractions every 2 mins, then It was discovered my bp was sky high and my baby was infact breech, I then passed out. not sure what advise you are after, but I will do my best to help

pupuce Sun 17-Jul-05 20:56:15

Could it be placenta abruption?
Alos the high BP maybe a sign of pre-eclampsia which is a placental problem too....

pupuce Sun 17-Jul-05 21:00:49

High blood pressure can lead to post partum hemorrhage too....

mumfor1sttime Sun 17-Jul-05 21:09:20

Is high bp a placental problem? I had green discharge, does that mean anything?

CarolinaMoon Sun 17-Jul-05 21:19:09

meconium, MFFT? That can look green.

mumfor1sttime Sun 17-Jul-05 21:37:41

Sorry what is meconium?

CarolinaMoon Sun 17-Jul-05 21:41:35

the greeny black poo that babies do in the first couple of days after birth. Babies who get into distress during labour often pass meconium, so if your waters have traces of meconium in them, it can be a sign the baby is in distress (although overdue babies sometiimes pass meconium anyway, even if not in distress).

mumfor1sttime Sun 17-Jul-05 21:58:10

Ah yes, I remember now. I couldnt remember.

strawberry Mon 18-Jul-05 10:07:21

Not good news. The baby is being baptised. Looks like the placenta began to separate and baby starved of oxygen. Devastated. They have been trying long time for baby and suffered miscarriage. To get to term, you think everything will be ok.

My cousin's health is improving but they are keeping her sedated. The baby is miles away in another hospital - what do you think will happen? Will she be able to see him (if she wants to)? I can not imagine what they are going through. Please say a little prayer for them.

CarolinaMoon Mon 18-Jul-05 13:59:51

how worrying for you all strawberry. Hope they both improve soon.

pupuce Mon 18-Jul-05 20:44:23

Sounds indeed like placenta abruption (Sophie Wessex had this with her baby).... she will see her baby what ever happens but if he/she is that poorly who knows if she will see her baby alive

chipmonkey Mon 18-Jul-05 21:45:29

YOur cousin and baby in my prayers, strawberry

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