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QMC - Nottingham - experiences please!

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Sallie Thu 14-Jul-05 13:03:11

I have just moved house and as I tested Group B strep positive over a year ago, have to have a hospital delivery with no 3 even though was swabbed recently and got a negative result. Anyway, will need to move fast as my last labour was 3 hours so looks like QMC is the nearest. Anyone have any experiences of giving birth there, good or bad?

kcemum Thu 14-Jul-05 13:10:26

Not much help about QMC as a patient(used to work there)but can only say positive things about The City Hospitals maternity unit, particularly the hotel

hotmama1 Thu 14-Jul-05 13:20:17

Voting for the City Maternity Unit. I live nearer to the QMC (live in West Bridgford) but had dd at the City and will be going again with dd2/ds next Feb. Nearly everyone I know goes to the City - it is fab, doesn't feel all hospitally IYKWIM as it is a self-contained unit on the City Hospital campus. The midwifery care was superb - buzzing at anytime of night was no problem. I'm an older mum (now 38) and had a delicious forceps delivery and loss loads of blood - still think the hospital is fine.

Some of my antenatal group did go the QMC and there weren't bad reports. I'd recommend having a visit to both if you are not sure - must admit though I didn't consider the QMC.

The QMC seems to deal with my 'expected problem births' but I've had friends who have had c-sections, pre-eclampsia and itchy liver thingy who all delivered at the City. HTH

kcemum Thu 14-Jul-05 13:24:50

Hotmama, do I know you? I had the itchy liver thingy and couldn't fault the care that I got at the City.

hotmama1 Thu 14-Jul-05 13:27:59

kcemum - my dd was born last October - do you live in WB?

kcemum Thu 14-Jul-05 13:29:51

No, the other side!

Sallie Tue 19-Jul-05 11:59:11

Thanks for your input. I live out in the Vale of Belvoir and as I had a precipitous labour last time round, proximity to the hospital is of utmost importance. With my previous two, I only stayed in hospital for a matter of hours and am not planning to linger this time either. Main thing is that the QMC has good reports. Have heard from various doctors that its a good place to go and as am Group B strep, might be good if there are complications. Am going to look at QMC in a few weeks time but am sure it will be fine. After all, one birthing room is pretty much like another, as long as its clean!
If anyone has any more experiences of QMC, do let me know! Thanks

lilaclotus Tue 19-Jul-05 20:48:38

i gave birth at the QMC as we lived in west bridgford and it was closer than city. now live in hucknall so might go to city instead. positives... the labour ward was nice. the midwives were great, the place was very clean (though this was 4 years ago) and the maternity ward was ok.
negatives... they moved me off the labour ward twice and it really messed up the progress in my labour. in one of those moves left me without pain relief of any kind in a normal ward, which was horrible. and the food was horrible.

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