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How soon can you go home post delivery?

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babyonboard Tue 12-Jul-05 15:46:19

Just wondering how soon they will let a first time mum go home, assuming the delivery goes smoothly. My fiend was in there for four days and I'd rather get home asap.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 12-Jul-05 15:47:18

6 hours i believe.

I had jess at 2.49am and was let out at 3.15pm

Nemo1977 Tue 12-Jul-05 15:47:22

just depends on how things go...i know people who went home after 6hrs but i had to stay in 3days because i had an odd bleed. So it really is just a case of wait and see.

hunkermunker Tue 12-Jul-05 15:48:13

I was home 24 hours later. Don't want to go into hospital at all this time! And if I do, I want to be home after 6 hours.

compo Tue 12-Jul-05 15:49:03

It's more likely to be 6 hours if it's your 2nd baby. For a first timer it's best to stay in for a minimum of 2 nights because then you can get breastfeeding established hopefully. I wished I'd stayed longer than 2 nights as when I got home I realised I didn't have a clue what I was doing and the phone was ringing all the time etc

babyonboard Tue 12-Jul-05 15:49:36

Is it true that they will not let you go until you have established breastfeeding properly? i have read many times that being in hospital can hinder success with feeding, and would hate to be stuck in there because of it.

expatinscotland Tue 12-Jul-05 15:49:44

I'd like to go home after 6 hours w/this baby. Here's hoping!

babyonboard Tue 12-Jul-05 15:50:50

though thinking about it, no doubt both mine and dps mums will be staying with us, as they live 200 miles away, so perhaps i will appreciate the peace in the ward! he he

hunkermunker Tue 12-Jul-05 15:51:02

BOB, I lied and said DS was feeding well because all they were doing to "help" me was shoving my boob in his mouth anyway. Useless feckers!

So we came home and established breastfeeding ourselves. Took a while, but that's because I'm stubborn and wouldn't ask for help and didn't know about the excellent help MN provided then!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 12-Jul-05 15:51:07

mine was first baby, iwas bf - apparently - and they didnt give a damn! Depends onthe hospital but you are under no obligation to stay. I will be out asap with this one too, if i dont have it at home

Nemo1977 Tue 12-Jul-05 15:52:12

i was bf ds but it wasnt why i had to stay, I am hoping this time to be in and out asap

roosmum Tue 12-Jul-05 15:52:16

roo born at 1.45am - we went home at 6pm-ish.
it's worth staying in for help with bf if you find you need it - that's if the support is ok, think it can be v. variable.
like you tho, i wanted out asap!
good luck.

compo Tue 12-Jul-05 15:53:17

having both mothers staying is definitely a bad idea imo!!!! I refused to let anyone stay here once the baby was here. They all stayed in hotels. My parents visited me in hospital. Dh's parents were not allowed to come until ds was 10 days old. Even at that time I found it incredibly hard chit chatting as well as coping with cracked, bleeding nipples, no sleep and the blues. Sorry to be all doom and gloom but I was anaemic and very down and know I wouldn't have coped with people staying

logic Tue 12-Jul-05 15:54:54

First time, I stayed in 24 hours because I was losing a lot of blood afterwards and the second time - 4 and a half hours! I went home straight from the delivery room but that was only because I was bfing again and had told the midwife that I had bfed successfully last time.

juicychops Tue 12-Jul-05 15:59:44

had ds 4.14pm then went home at 12pm next day

lockets Tue 12-Jul-05 16:02:15

Message withdrawn

dillydally Tue 12-Jul-05 16:05:21

I had dd at 9.50 at night, had stitches, forceps etc and was released back into the community teh next morning
They were very keen to get you out asap in my tiny experience

gigglinggoblin Tue 12-Jul-05 16:05:48

6 hours here, but dont set your heart on it just in case. take loads of books or something else to do. i always wanted to leave fast and shortest stay i had was 2 days. am quite glad now tho, after seeing my mums neighbour carted off in an ambulance the day after she had her baby due to having some sort of fit. if you leave and have to go back you cant go back on the maternity ward in our hospital so you and baby would be separated or much less comfortable. they dont make you stay in just to be mean!!!

dillydally Tue 12-Jul-05 16:07:52

PS Anna Friel had a baby girl called Gracie
Hijack over and out sorry.

ninah Tue 12-Jul-05 16:11:16

had ds at 11.50 left next lunchtime, nurse tried to stop me cos I wasn't coping with bf but I went anyway, once I got home it was much better as more relaxed. It's up to you, to a certain extent, it's not like you've been certified!

PeachyClair Tue 12-Jul-05 16:30:39

It was eight hours in Somerset when I had ds3, but that depended obviously on the health of you both, and if a Paed could be gotten hold of to see you.

In Weston where I had DS2, they offered me to go home as soon as I was bathed. I came back next day to see Paed.

logic Tue 12-Jul-05 16:34:11

We did the same Clair, brought dd back to the hospital the next day to see the paed.

triceratops Tue 12-Jul-05 16:41:04

I went home after 40 mins. Good job too because I was starving and they didn't have any food available. I wanted to be tucked up in my own bed with my new baby. We live across the road to the hospital and they said I could come back anytime if I needed to.

babyonboard Tue 12-Jul-05 17:41:05

sounds good..hopefully I will have a trouble free labour and be out asap too...

sweetkitty Tue 12-Jul-05 18:18:56

I had DD at 3.22am, was told I could go home later that day but DD wasn't feeding, she was very sleepy so I stayed overnight, was home the next morning BUT she had jaundiced and we both were readmitted so she could have light therapy for a day.

This time I would love a homebirth I detested being in hospital.

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