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Can this STILL be a show, how long did yours last?

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MummyMellie Sun 14-Feb-10 20:06:32

Hmmm, sorry if TMI in this post, but am very confused. Woke on Wed morning and had slightly streaky bloody mucous when went to the loo, happened a few more times that day, although not in vast amounts. Because of medical history went in to get checked out and the said all seemed fine and was start of a Show. However, it is now Sunday night(and my due date!!!) and still happening - is this normal? I kind of thought that there would be a few "blodges" of it rather than days worth! How long did your shows go on for - can't get the Queen song "The Show must go on" out of my head!!

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LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 14-Feb-10 20:12:55

It can come away very gradually I believe.

My first one did, I never had a show with subsequent 2. confused Just an increase in white discharge to white jelly. Not the clear blood streaked stuff I had first time.

How exciting!!

LadyintheRadiator Sun 14-Feb-10 20:13:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MummyMellie Sun 14-Feb-10 20:15:40

Oh no Ladyintheradiator - off to have a large G&T and bounce on DS1's trampoline then!!
Any one else?

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threeplusone Sun 14-Feb-10 20:16:47

Hopefully things will start for you Mummymellie.. I had a show (without the mucus)!! On wednesday night and have had nothing since.. it is also my due date today.. Fingers crossed things happen for both of us soon xxx Good lUck hun

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 14-Feb-10 20:18:44


MummyMellie Sun 14-Feb-10 20:28:16

Right, pineapple curry in a Clary Sage bath for tonight then!
Keeping fingers crossed for you threeplusone!!

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chinook Sun 14-Feb-10 20:37:01

I am 40+9 and have been experiencing the same as you mummymellie. I had a sweep on Thursday morning and have been having a light blood streaked show ever since. I was beginning to wonder if this was normal, but it obviously is. Hopefully it is a sign that things will get going soon. Good luck.

MummyMellie Thu 18-Feb-10 11:13:42

Any news Chinook and Threeplusone?
It obviously was a show after all, woke at 5am on Monday morning as waters went, DD born with G&A at 1.15pm - 10lb 10.5oz!!! Thank god I didn't know how big she was going to be, would have been stuffing that show back in there!

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BusyMissIzzy Thu 18-Feb-10 11:23:16

Contratulations MummyMellie! Wow, that is a good size

STIGZ Mon 22-Feb-10 21:04:32

i had show @ 6.30pm and by 8.30pm was 9cm dilated!!

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