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Active Birth Classes in North West England??

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fuckwittery Mon 24-Jun-13 22:44:28

Any of these classes, I think these are active birth?

lovelychops Mon 24-Jun-13 12:26:13

I would second the recommendation of Jenni jones yoga at Liverpool women's hospital. There are also active birth workshops at children's centres in south Liverpool. I did one class near to due date.

GreenLifeDiary Mon 24-Jun-13 12:13:49

If anyone is looking for Hypnobirthing classes anywhere in the North West region of the UK, then from personal experience we would highly recommend Jane Ingleby and Emily Street. These are 2 incredibly inspirational and passionate midwives from Cheshire who are also fully qualified hypnobirthing teachers. We cannot recommend them highly enough. So much so - we had to talk about our fantastic hypnobirthing experience on our blog here smile

sammy84 Mon 16-May-11 15:46:12

I also had hypnobirthing sessions with Maureen at hypnobirthingmerseyside she is brilliant especially being a midwife she can answer all your questions.

alex1803 Tue 23-Feb-10 17:17:01

The actual active birth classes are run by Janet Balaskas (ex NCT in London).

All NCT classes cover potions etc

There are tons up in the North West.


birthlink Tue 23-Feb-10 00:49:01

Message withdrawn

Rolf Fri 12-Feb-10 21:14:00

I can recommend Jenni Jones' yoga classes at LWH. She covers all sorts of positions, breathing and techniques for pregnancy and birth. There a lots of lovely birth stories on her website

I also learned hypnosis techniques from a midwife based here which I highly recommend.

Good luck smile

emsyj Fri 12-Feb-10 14:30:23

I'm due in June too, mid-June to be more precise so will have to see if I beat you to it!!! Am interested in the active birth idea, seems to be from the Hypnobirthing info I have that being upright is key to having the speediest and most comfortable labour possible.

SelinaDoula Fri 12-Feb-10 09:31:54

I run a homebirth/active birth support group in Liverpool. ITs monthly (just missed oine) but if you e mail me (details on
Or you could think about doing NCT classes, they have sessions on active birth (

NotGrownUpEnough Fri 12-Feb-10 09:08:42

HTC...i'm in st helens would travel to liverpool, manchester etc. Please let me know if you have any contacts as this is something i really want to do.

emsyj....when are you due? I've ordered a hypnobirthing CD to try alongside my prep for an active birth but let me kow how you get on if you due before June. So don;t want to spend my entire birth drugged up to the nines b7but i know i'm a big wimp

HarderToKidnap Thu 11-Feb-10 17:31:51

I know someone who runs them in Leeds, would this be any help?

If not, let me know your rough area and I will ask her is she has any contacts in your area.

emsyj Thu 11-Feb-10 15:33:36

I don't know what active birth is, but I am doing Hypnobirthing with a lady called Maureen Collins who is based in Liverpool but teaches all over. She is a midwife (25 years qualified) and have found her very good so far.

It is quite hard I found to get anything 'new fangled' outside London, but persevere, there's bound to be something esp in Cheshire/Manchester area. Have just googled active birth, have you contacted the London providers to ask about north west contacts?

NotGrownUpEnough Wed 10-Feb-10 18:45:21


Does anyone know of any active birth classes in the north west of england? I'm trying to get as much info as possible and i'm struggling to find anything outside of London.
Thanks in advance.

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