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URGENT HELP PLEASE!! am I in labour? I am SERIOUSLY snowed in and need advice

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stellamel Tue 05-Jan-10 09:45:08

Am 40Wks +9, had sweep yesterday, been having period like cramps since about 4am, across the lower part of my belly. Waters haven't gone. Cramps last about 15-30 secs, every 5-15mins.

Is this the onset of labour? I haven't rang midwife yet, as snow is so bad they won't be able to send someone to assess me, if anyone is coming out it will be a one trip job where midwife will have to come to me via our local mountain rescue team and stay till the job is done.

Any advice on what to do now or when to ring midwife etc would be greatly appreciated.


SolidGoldBloodyJanuaryUrgh Tue 05-Jan-10 10:28:52

Given the weather conditions, your dates and the fact you had the sweep, you need to be taken off your mountainside NOW and at least to somewhere with access to medical care if there's no room in the hospital for you.
Good luck. THink what an exciting story you will have to tell your LO as s/he grows up.

JackTheHallsWithBauersOfHolly Tue 05-Jan-10 10:34:04

Hope you are on phone, I echo everyone else in sayin I really would get them to make the decision for you.
If it helps that sounds like the start of my labour which was a few days like that and then after a (fairly roughhmm) exam labour DD was born 4 hours later.

Good luck though!

BertieBotts Tue 05-Jan-10 10:34:11

Was going to say what TigerFeet said - DS' birth started like this (ctx every 5-10 mins but not in any pattern) and then took 48 hours before labour started "properly" (not to say you are not in labour - the ctx are doing something, don't panic!)

I would definitely ring in to ask their advice, but don't panic too much as it does sound like very early labour.

My advice to you is do as much bouncing on a birth ball/walking up and down stairs sideways/squatting to get things moving, and also (I know this sounds the opposite!) try to relax as much as possible - have a bath, sleep if you can (I found I could doze a bit with a TENS machine) and if you are really struggling to sleep a glass of wine might slow things down enough for you to get some rest.

But obviously listen to the midwives and see what they advise first. Good luck I'm sure you have lots of positive thoughts coming your way.

deepdarkwood Tue 05-Jan-10 10:36:57

Definately the most exciting mn labour thread I've seen smile Agree with everyone else - let the mw team know & make their decision - if nothing else, they can make plans/start getting things in order. I had a very slow first stage with dd where I had cramps like that over 2 days (had homebirth planned) & let the mws know from the off - & I didn't even have any exciting weather to contend with!

And good luck! smile

stellamel Tue 05-Jan-10 10:37:10

Thanks everyone. I am not alone, tho DP is hiking over to sisters at mo with DD so she is occupied with her cousin. He should be back soon.

Pains are irratic, but am just about to ring midwife anyway. I was having a planned home birth. Although this is my second I was induced with DD so have no idea what to look out for, labour wise.

We live in the Peak District, and mountain rescue does sound dramatic, but in reality they're the only guys with 4x4s and snow chains, nothing else can move here, we're at the top of a hill as well. We're also 30mins from either hospital, so I am staying put, I don't want to get snowed out and not be able to get home.

I'll let you know how things progress. Thanks for all your replies!

RealityIsMyOnlyDelusion Tue 05-Jan-10 10:37:34

Message withdrawn

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Tue 05-Jan-10 10:43:17

Good luck, Stellamel! I hope that it all goes really smoothly.

I don't want to put a downer on your home birth and I really hope you get the labour and birth you want BUT given the unfortunate weather circumstances and the fact it takes so long to get to you or for you to get somewhere don't you think it would be a little safer to be at hospital?

Good Luck.

Good luck, I'll be thinking of you. Where in the Peak District are you? DH is from Chapel en le Frith. We are in Manchester and it is horrendous here.

Bramshott Tue 05-Jan-10 10:48:46

Good luck Stellamel. Staying put sounds like a sensible thing to do - you don't want to be giving birth in a snowdrift!

HinnyPet Tue 05-Jan-10 10:51:15

Good luck Stellamel smile

MamaG Tue 05-Jan-10 10:52:18

God how exciting! Good luck

feedthegoat Tue 05-Jan-10 11:01:34

Best of luck to you!

mama2moo Tue 05-Jan-10 11:57:38

Good luck. I guess if its a planned homebirth you will have midwife kit there already? Might be worth getting dp on the net to research what to do if he needs to deliver?

Another person recommending you phone the labour ward and talk things through. (And thereby marking this thread so I can come back and see how things go).

I'll be thinking of you and hoping all goes well, stellamel! smile

Wiseoldelf Tue 05-Jan-10 12:05:08

Good luck. Hope everything goes well.

Good luck, I'm sure it'll all be fine. Very sensible staying put in the warm I dread to think what would happen if you got stuck in the snow in labour!

Hope the MW makes it to you soon. It's certainly better to drag them out for a false alarm than it is to not have one there if you need them.

juneybean Tue 05-Jan-10 12:12:09

Oooo good luck! Hope it all goes smoothly!

pixiestix Tue 05-Jan-10 12:18:27

How exciting! Lots of luck!

TheArsenicCupCake Tue 05-Jan-10 12:21:01

good luck.. nothing more useful to add.. but hope it all goes smoothly

stellamel Tue 05-Jan-10 12:53:38

Rang, Midwife was in agreement that I should stay put as it would be less risky for them to be collected than me to make a trip. There is a midwife locally who is on call, so I would be only 15 mins from getting her here. Plus the ambulance service have said they would be able to get to us if needs be as they're equipped with snow chains.

I had a check up at the hospital yesterday so know my BP is fine, no protein in urine and bloods were all clear, so am in good position for home birth.

Midwife was pleased with my preparations! smile, but agreed with mumnet that this is early stage and could be hours off getting going properly.

Glad I rang, feel more relaxed now! will let you all know how it goes. Thanks again!

TeamEdward Tue 05-Jan-10 12:59:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anothercoldbrusselssprout Tue 05-Jan-10 13:06:07

grin at 'midwife agreed with mumsnet'

Very sensible midwife!

Good luck, hope you don't have to wait too long....

PS I can recommend internet shopping as a very effective way to relieve the wierd mix of boredom and excitement in early home labour. I have a necklace I bought when in labour with DD2 and makes me smile (and grimace) every time I wear it!

Indith Tue 05-Jan-10 13:16:59

I'm impressed at internet shopping! I got as far as the MN homepage before realising that the contractions were coming far too close together and were getting too painful to be able to type so I had better get dh out of bed!

BedtimeBear Tue 05-Jan-10 13:17:29

Good luck Stellamel keeping things crossed for you

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