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Need answer today if poss - where can I buy castor oil?!

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Saskia909 Sat 07-Jun-03 12:42:50

Induction is being threatened for 2nd time. I have had 2 sweeps done & am going through all the other DIY methods. Have read up thoroughly on castor oil & am up for it but nowhere sells it! The chemists say try healthfood shops & vice versa. It's not a banned substance but have tried for over a week to get it & failed. If someone can let me know today would be great. DP can race out for me. I live in Exeter. Many thanks, ladies....

pie Sat 07-Jun-03 12:54:13

How many places have you tried?

Have you just sat there with a copy of the Yellow Pages and worked your way through calling all your local pharmacies and health food shops?

whymummy Sat 07-Jun-03 13:07:36

saskia i found those numbers of a company called herbs hands healing
they will tell you of your nearest herbalist for castor oil
0845 3453727
hope it helps and good luck with everything

JulieF Sat 07-Jun-03 13:53:38

Please don't use castor oil. It can cause the baby to pass meconium and get distressed. My aunt used it and ended up with an unasisted birth in her toilet.

Some more enlightened midwives (mostly in America) do still use castor oil but the women are always closely monitored afterwards. You should not self administer.

Is your induction being threatened for medica; reasons or just because it is hospital policy to induce after a certain number of days. If the latter is the case then it may be useful for you to read the MIDIRS leaflet when your baby is overdue.

I can't do links but you can read it on

doormat Sat 07-Jun-03 13:57:27

Saskia try Boots or other local chemists.

If that fails try a nice hot curry and lots of sex!!! Sorry to be blunt but semen helps labour begin (something to do with the chemicals) I have also heard of eating fresh pineapple too.
The above advice was given to me by 2 midwives and a HV when I was a week overdue with last ds. I tried it all but IMO the baby comes when it is ready.Please dont take my advice until you phone up local hospital and ask their advice, they must know what can help you. When are you being induced and is this your first???? LOL and hugs
Let us know how you get on.

Saskia909 Sat 07-Jun-03 14:24:01

Julie F - having had an induction before an unassisted birth on toilet sounds good to me! But seriously, I've read up the research which seems to swing both ways on this one and meconium is generally present in many post mature labours anyway and has nothing to do with the castor oil. However have just munched an entire fresh pineapple, will shortly be giving DP a BJ (oral semen more effective than intercourse apparently!) & will try this phone number from whymummy. Thank you people so much - what would I do without mumsnet?

MrsS Sat 07-Jun-03 14:25:34


You might not have enough time to set this up but I went for a couple of reflexology sessions to assist in bringing on labour for my first child and totally beleive it did the trick. I had one the day he was due, one three days later and went into labour that night. My family had a history of being 2+ weeks overdue and I couldn't face the thought of that.

Any good reflexologist should know the right area on the foot to work on. I know its not harmful to the baby and only works if baby is pretty much ready to come.

Good luck

MrsS Sat 07-Jun-03 14:27:42


It's certain enzymes in semen that work on softening the cervix. Unless you really fancy it, I'd give the BJ a miss and get it in the other end.

wickedstepmother Sat 07-Jun-03 14:35:17

I tried castor oil but it did nothing for me except give me stomach cramps and the runs

A midwife at my hospital recommended a technique called perineal massage, whereby you or you man hold your perineum (skin between your bits and your bum) between your thumb and forefinger with the thumb actually inside the vagina and rub the skin in a rhythmic circular motion. I tried it with my DD and she was born 3 days later, 2 weeks early. The midwife said that in her 25 years in the business she had found this to be the most effective form of DIY induction.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on

P.S. I have no idea how oral semen intake is more effective than vaginal as it is the effect of the prostoglandins in the semen on the cervix that can aid induction by softening it and encouraging dilation.

wickedstepmother Sat 07-Jun-03 14:36:28

BTW - Was it DP who told you about the 'effectiveness' of oral semen by any chance ??!!!

pupuce Sat 07-Jun-03 15:21:53

How many weeks are you ???? Is this your 2nd and how late were you with your first?
I do not know 1 person who did not regret using castor oil ! It is NOT a good idea.... you are warned

You cannot be forced to have an induction, they won't send the police car around you know

Saskia909 Sat 07-Jun-03 18:28:56

All my ideas came from UK Midwifery Archives which I got thru link on the Home Birth Reference Site. And I quote "fellatio.. would probably be beneficial if the idea is to get the labour started.... prostaglandins are absorbed 10 times more effectively through the gut than through the vaginal mucosa with respect to semen and labour onset". Although, wickedstep, DP certainly did not complain & to cover our bases we did it both ways! The castor oil I know is contentious & I don't want to get into a big thing about it now but my info came from here . I have failed to get hold of any yet & hopefully won't have to but am still up for trying if necessary. I will try the perineal thing though does not sound like fun! How long do you have to do it for? Pupuce this is my second & I was 18 days over with first & then induced (hosp wanted me to sign a form saying I had refused treatment if I left). This was 10 years ago but I still remember that induction and have all my hopes pinned on a natural birth this time. I think I am extra hormonal today as I do get good and bad days but I just feel like maybe my body just doesn't know how to "do" labour. I have no problems with pregnancies, it's just getting them out I can't manage!

pupuce Sat 07-Jun-03 18:45:28

So how many days overdue are you now? and how long is your cycle? There are women who go 44 weeks you know

pupuce Sat 07-Jun-03 18:49:23

Thanks for the link - very useful for me actually but whatr Mary Cronk says (is quite important!) :
"I then offer to examine her vaginally to assess the cervix as in my experience if the Cx. is not ripe the castor oil is unlikely to start labour. I also check the presentation and station of the head and would advise not to proceed if the presentation was other than cephalic and well in the pelvis. There is a danger of cord prolapse if any labour starts with a malpresentation and a high presenting part and therefore if castor oil is taken and there is a prolapse of cord, the castor oil is blamed .
If all is well, I suggest she take 25-30 mls of castor oil mixed with the same amount of a sour sharp fruit juice like lemon or lime or grapefriut, have an assistant beat the nauseous mixture, hand it to the woman, who drinks it as quickly as she can, the assistant then removes the glass and washes it carefully so that no smell or taste lingers, the woman wipes her mouth with a tissue she has ready, eats a crisp dry biscuit or dry toast and awaits events."

I would try caullophylium if in despair ! What about getting a daily scan after 42 weeks?? It amy well be that you will have late babies every time.

wickedstepmother Sat 07-Jun-03 18:50:00

The massage isn't as bad or as complicated as made it sound (unintentionally). The midwife who recommended it said to do it for 5 mins at a time, up to 5 times a day (entirely your choice). So I think I did it about 3 times a day. It helps to reduce your risk of tearing and needing an episotomy too, by making it more supple, which IMO can only be a good thing

After a little research I have found this link

mmm Sun 08-Jun-03 12:41:46

I couldn't get it either, so I tried paraffin oil - that seemed to do the trick.

happycat Sun 08-Jun-03 13:27:16

My friend was told by a midwife that chemists would not sell it to pregnant women so perhaps the are fibbin.Also heard it's not a good idea.

lacuestado Sun 07-Apr-13 15:58:57

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

almostanotherday Sun 07-Apr-13 16:20:43

No to the castor oil, the baby will not the only thing exiting IYSWIM blush

Notafoodbabyanymore Tue 09-Apr-13 10:00:48

Is this thread 10 years old? My mum used castor oil 2 weeks before due date with all three of us, and without fail went into labour the night she took it. I'd rather clear out my bowels in my own toilet than when I'm pushing baby out!

littleducks Tue 09-Apr-13 10:05:03

Asian grocers sometimes stock it. I used it with dd, tastes vile and I cant remember if it worked (long latent stage) but I avoided being induced.

littleducks Tue 09-Apr-13 10:06:08

OMG it really is a zombie thread, saskia's 'baby' must be big by now!

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 09-Apr-13 12:54:50

o o

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 09-Apr-13 12:55:52


StarlightMcKenzie Tue 09-Apr-13 12:56:16


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