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Were you induced after spontaneous rupture of membranes (water breaking)?

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mrsbean78 Sun 29-Nov-09 10:45:00


My waters broke at 6am at 41+4. No real contractions since.. booked for induction tomorrow am if it doesn't progress on its own. Anyone have any experience of this? Or how things usually progress?


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MrsKitty Sun 29-Nov-09 10:53:11

Had SROM with DS at 40+2 but no contractions. Was monitored in hospital then induced within 24hrs

Was also my first sign of labour with DD (38+5) - thought it was going to be more of the same, didn't think I was in labour, so when hospital told me to come in for a check I drove myself there. After the walk from the car park went into quite strong contractions when on the monitor and DD was born 2-3 hours later!

Go for a walk and see if that brings on labour naturally - far preferable to induction...Good Luck! grin

HeadlessLadyH Sun 29-Nov-09 11:03:17

Mine went at 4.15pm, No contractions for a couple of hours. After hospital visit to confirm it was my waters , ctx started about 7pm. Really kicked in about 10pm. I would say they had been quite mild till then. DS2 born at 2.15am.

Maybe go for a nap whilst you can - they will probably start as soon as you shut your eyes.

Good luck.

MrsKitty Sun 29-Nov-09 11:11:29

Oh yes, agree with Headless - nap if tired, but a walk if feeling energetic (followed by a nap!)

fishie Sun 29-Nov-09 11:16:00

walking up and down stairs sideways is meant to be good for bringing things on.

i had induction after prom and unfortunately it was not a very pleasant experience. i did sit on my arse though after waters broke and with hindsight i could have done more to get things going.

if you do get as far as induction make sure they expain every step to you and that they are very clear about the timescales when membranes gone - there are protocols on this and it is worth finding out whether your hospital's differs from the nice standard today before you go in.

whatever, you'll have a baby soon! good luck.

pucca Sun 29-Nov-09 11:16:45

My waters went at 4am on the Sunday, they wouldn't induce me, they said it was policy to leave 48 hrs before doing it, they said this after scaring me to death telling me about infections etc.

Dd was born at 8am on the Monday, but my contractions kicked in after a couple of hours of waters breaking.

Good Luck with the birth.

pucca Sun 29-Nov-09 11:18:24

By the way i don't want to scare you with the infection bit blush, it was me at risk of infection not the baby, and they sorted that just in case by putting me on a antibiotic drip just in case so it was fine.

pucca Sun 29-Nov-09 11:19:05

I said just in case too many times then lol...sorry. <pucca shuts up now>

Katz Sun 29-Nov-09 11:24:58


My waters went at 36+5 at about 1am phoned midwife and since they were clear went back to bed expecting to have contractions very soon, nothing! woke up at about 8am still nothing, quick trip to maternity unit to be monitored and check it was waters gone - still nothing and sent home for it all to start naturally. Went about my day normally, went to bed, next day had home visit from midwife, who confirmed waters still ruptured and leaking and then booked in for na induction next day. Again went about normal day, although slight manic shopping trip to finish buying stuff for hospital bag and getting that packed, then went to bed again expecting contractions to start. Arrived at hospital at 9.30am for induction, had to wait for a room, drip went in at 11.30am and baby was out by 4.30pm.

So from waters breaking to being induced was around 50ish hours.

MamaChris Sun 29-Nov-09 11:27:04

Mine went at 9am. Was due a homebirth, but booked to go into hospital to start IV antibiotics @ 4am. In the end I went into labour (proper labour, contractions every 3 minutes) at 12.30am with no other warning signs, and ds was born at 8.30am (at home). I was walking up and down stairs and stuff trying to get things started all day. In the end, it just kicked in 30 minutes after I had a lovely massage from dp, finally relaxed, and went to sleep. So my advice would be walk/stairs a bit, but then relax. Your baby is nearly here!

Katz Sun 29-Nov-09 11:30:18

the induction was fine btw, its a different sort of induction to one for an over due not going anywhere baby, i was told one of the reasons my labour was so quick was because the baby's head was right on my cervix helping it to thin. I had a 1-2-1 midwife and she didn't leave, except for a quick lunch just after the drip was started, i found the canula in my hand very painful, but i think its because i have quick small hands and the end keep rubbing under the skin. The contraction picked up very quickly once the drug was in and they upped it a couple of times, midwife realised that i was getting very little rest bit between contractions and so she turned the drip down, something you can't do with a natural labour! I did the whole thing with just a TENS machine and a little gas and air.

gorge2003 Sun 29-Nov-09 11:56:45

i had SROM with ds (3.5 years) at 36+2....nothing happened at all...this was 11:30pm on the thursday went to hospital and they sent me home friday afternoon after putting in a pessary , went back for monitoring saturday morning (was having very tiny contractions) and they put the drip in at 1:30pm...ds was born at 2:26am sunday morning!

so was around 52 hours after waters went...induced me properly with drip 38 hours after SROM

PandaEis Sun 29-Nov-09 12:12:19


i had SROM with DD and spent all day walking around the hospial (i had excess waters so they wouldnt let me go homehmm) i started having short contractions at about 4:30 and DD was born at 1:52am on the day i was due to be inducedsmile

my advice... GET WALKING!!grin have a good sleep if you can, and pack some extra trousers/comfy pants as you will leak ALOT when you contract due to hidden waterssmile

HeadlessLadyH Sun 29-Nov-09 12:40:05

OP, how are you doing? You've been quiet since your post, so am wondering if your ctx have actually started? Or perhaps you are napping?? grin

Do come back and let us know when your baby has arrived though, won't you?I shall now be checking this thread for updates. I do love to hear a good birth story.

mrsbean78 Sun 29-Nov-09 14:08:53

Yup HeadlessLadyH, napping! Slightly stronger contractions but nothing much yet. Going to try sleep for a bit longer and then get walking if nothing moving!

Thanks all for your stories!

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mejon Sun 29-Nov-09 14:17:21

Mine went in the middle of the night but my contractions didn't start for another 30 or so hours. I went to the hospital to be monitored at lunchtime following the waters breaking and was told I'd need to be induced after 36 hours. Luckily things started naturally just before then. The cx when they came were very painful, intense and close together from the offing. I wasn't given any antibiotics but DD and I had to stay in hospital for an extra night (so 2 in all) just to make sure neither of us had an infection.

cece Sun 29-Nov-09 14:28:13

My waters broke at 9am ona Tuesday. Went into hospital for confirmation and monitoring of the baby that lunchtime. No contractions. Still none on Weds monring so went in again for more monitoring. Was told to come in at 8 am on Thursday for an induction. As it was my contractions started at 5 pm on the Weds and DS1 was born at 2.19am on the Thursday morning.

TheHappyCat Sun 29-Nov-09 18:24:23

Me - I was induced but just with a pessary, didn't need the drip and was otherwise a straightforward and normal labour once they let me off the monitor.
Actually it is the baby getting an infection they are concerned about when you have SROM - the antibiotic drip in labour is for the baby's benefit. If there is not enough time for that they may give the baby abx directly when he/she is born. My daughter had this - was all totally unnecessary as my GBS test came back negative and she was not sick at all, but apparently it is standard procedure in most hospitals. good luck though - always better not to be induced!

HeadlessLadyH Sun 29-Nov-09 21:43:54

OP. any progress?

mrsbean78 Sun 06-Dec-09 22:20:59

baby Brendan born after induction due to spontaneous rupture of membranes - started 6am 30th Nov and delivered 2.20am 1st December. Fantastic ;abour but baby persistent back to back so forceps/epi in last hour! all doing well now.. x

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user1471558631 Sun 21-Aug-16 08:35:53

If your membranes rupture spontaneously you are at increased risk of infection after 18 hours. You & your baby might not show any signs of infection. Make sure you ask for antibiotics.

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