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Starting to panic. Help me stop?

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RoseBerry Thu 23-Jun-05 11:04:05

Ok. First child was uncomplicated, natural childbirth, spontaneous (though slow starting). So far pregnancy with second child has been uncomplicated and very normal. It more than likely still is. I have had varying due dates -- the last one was pegged at June 20/21, but in going over old scans and notes, I have had a date of today (the 23rd) and the latest one was pegged for the 27th. So I am pretty much end of term but how far exactly, who knows.

Around 37 weeks, going by the 20th D/D, baby started to drop, which felt like cramping and backache and the usual sort of 'is this, isn't it' -- turns out it was just him settling down. This happened in stages. As of last week he was head to nose engaged but not fully. I was also 2cm prior to a sweep. Anyway, from 37wks, a lot of signs of impending labour were there, loose bowels, cramping, aches and pains, surges -- nothing building to a regular pattern though, and no bloody show or waters breaking. But it seemed like, any day now. And after the sweep, it seemed to be building but it went nowhere, other than a day or so of what I assume from the amount muscus plug discharge (no spotting).

But now, nothing. Really low-level twinges on occasion, tightening of belly here and there, a little backache, but that's it. Did I peak and the build-up is over, not to come back? Is that a ridiculous question?

With my first by the time she finally came out after hours, the contractions were gone, it was just sheer will on my part that pushed her. I started very slow, then peaked quickly and then tired out. So I am wondering if maybe, shoot, this is happening on a prolonged scale with this baby. Only obviously since labour hasn't engaged I can't just sqaut and push this one out on my own!! (trying to laugh here).

I am worried because I really, really do not want to have to be induced and am starting to worry about the possibility of having a C/S, which I am dreading even contemplating.

I was hoping for a drug free water birth. I am ok with not having a water birth but really do not want to have to use any drugs that I don't need.

I guess I am just really worried that my time has passed, which is probably irrational, but reading all this stuff about all these women having to be induced when they pass their due date has me thinking, oh no. Nothing is happening with me and that will probably be what has to happen to get this going.

I have an appt with the MW tomorrow and will probably have another sweep then (and will discuss this with her, too), which should hopefully, hopefully do the trick -- I am feeling like given the movement that did occur I must be more than 2cm and given the amount of pineapple I have consumed something must be ripe.

But in the meantime I am just panicked. Can you start labour and just stop? Is this silly?

Kelly1978 Thu 23-Jun-05 11:10:37

labour symptoms can start and stop, it's too early to start panicking. Plus u said that you didn't have a show or anything, so is it possible the symptoms were caused by the baby dropping down a bit? It sounds to me liek things are jsut startign to move, I had lots of aches and pains towards the end with all three pregnancies, and it dos coem and go. Subsequent births tend to be quicker, so chances are that this one will be easier than the last. Good luck, not long to go now!

oliveoil Thu 23-Jun-05 11:12:23

I think you can go over your due date by 2 weeks anyway - I did with both of mine. My first was a emergency section so they didn't want to induce me for my second (think it strains the scar tissue or something). In the end I had a fast and furious labour and all was well.

Best to discuss with your midwife tomorrow. Don't worry!

Hopefully Mears (our resident m/w ) will be around and she can give you more reassurance.


RoseBerry Thu 23-Jun-05 11:18:06

I should note that I did not have a show or waters break with first child, either, so am not expecting to now. And yes, I am fairly sure the signs that started around 37 were engagement related, especially or at least the cramping/aching bits!

I am just hoping that the coming and going (and going as it were) of signs is normal, and that it doesn't mean that it's peaked. I suppose since it just seemed like things were moving and now nothing seems to be moving at just gives me another thing to worry about on this see-saw. Five minutes on the high side of, 'I'm not gonna worry, I'm going to relax, things will happen when they happen,' replaced by 5 minutes on the low end - 'What if, what if, what if'.

Kelly1978 Thu 23-Jun-05 11:22:38

thats natural. the waiting is so hard, hopefully things will get moving for u soon.

mogwai Thu 23-Jun-05 11:33:27


I'm due today as well

I feel the same way - up, down, up down

Worried, relaxed, stressed, relaxed. Sometimes I forget about it, othertimes I obsess.

I sympathise. Hope we both pop soon

RoseBerry Sat 25-Jun-05 09:52:51

Back down in the dumps again today. Would you believe I forgot to ask the midwife about the peaks and valleys? Well, now 5 days overdue. On the plus side, the night before the MW appt, things seemed to be moving, kept throughout the night and into the morning. MW said baby was finally fully engaged, which probably accounts for the movement I was feeling. Asked for interal and another sweep (much more comfortable with it now than I was with the first one last week). Still @2cm but very ripe and effacing. Waters intact but poised to go. Had sweep. Felt very confident, and movement kept up during the day but no dramatic hormonal surge like the first sweep. Had mild contactions/cramping in the evening which kept a 20 min pace but did not get intense and completely disappeared come bedtime. This morning have backache and another mucous plug loosed but that is it. I cannot believe how low this baby is hanging. He is so low when I look down I almost have no bump (well, not really, the side view is quite bumpy, just looking down it seems much flatter!).

But I give up. I just feel like this baby is just never coming. So many starts and stops and nothing.

bambi06 Sat 25-Jun-05 10:28:06

dont worry they will come when thy`re ready , my dd took longer to decide whether labour was /wasnt/was /wasnt going to really get going but iwas adamant there was to be no induction who are they to say when we should have our baby , it really annoys me that these drs and midwive pressure these poor moms intoo panic about theyre child being born on time..who says they all have to be born within this time scale?my ds was 19 days over and dd was 10 days over and her labour was brillinat, i hardly fet anythiong . i kept getting twinges every 5 mins but could nt really believe this could be labour , i called my parents and said dont rush as things are moving slowly( they live 4 hrs away!) when they arrived they couldnt believe i was in labour as it wasnt painful so by 10 pm i decided to go to bed as i thought i should get some rest but within 10 mins the contractions suddenly increased 10 fold . my waters broke in the car and i only just made it into the hospital with me clinging to the doors! 2 pushes and she was labour for sure ..please dont let them worry you, your little one will decide when they are ready, relax and it will happen, enjoy your last few days/week while you can

RoseBerry Mon 27-Jun-05 10:29:45

Well, the baby still isn't here. Hope I don't go into July, or have to be induced. That's all. Don't want to be obsessing about it anymore.

SpikeMomma Wed 29-Jun-05 11:32:25


So know what you're going through. I was due on either June 16th or 19th - didn't happen. Hadn't even had any signs that baby even attempting to come out. Was very down.

Felt rotten over this weekend - sobbed my eyes out on Sunday because ached so much and everything hurt so much. Felt so fed up, tense and low. Regular 'have you had it' phone calls making me feel incompetent and even more brassed off too!

Had sweep on Monday and they told me i was 3cm dilated. Think i must have been kind of labouring over the weekend without realising it. Still waiting though. I haven't felt 'normal' contractions - just what seems like BH and back ache over left hand rib. So every min of the day i'm waiting for pain... can't seem to focus on much else. How rubbish!

All this waiting sends you bonkers. You feel so tired, stressed, anxious, scared, physically and mentally drained... We've got to keep positive -it won't last forever!

I'm getting induced tomorrow - have mixed feelings about it - didn't want it - but sort of glad now that i see it more as a light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep your chin up. This site has been great in picking me up when i've felt really low or needed assurance. Makes you realise we're not the only ones...thank god!

RoseBerry Thu 30-Jun-05 10:17:39

SpikeMomma, I hope it is going well for you today.

SpikeMomma Thu 30-Jun-05 13:13:37

Thanks Roseberry,

Due in at 8.30pm for the big 'I'. Both dh and i are feeling nervous but at the same time, sort of relieved.

Wish you the very best of luck with yours - really hope baby comes soon and effortlessly!

Will check the birth announcements for your news.

Best of luck - may the force be with you (failing that an epidural!)

SpikeMomma x

RoseBerry Thu 30-Jun-05 15:59:33

Good luck tonight, Spikemamma - hope it goes quick and easy for you


Back from my appt and we are going in tomorrow morning. Had a huge sweep, we'll see what happens. Husband is really down in the dumps because of all the frustration and I'm trying to turn it around now that we know it's going to happen tomorrow by hook or crook. He just is so down, he doesn't think it's going to happen. Very stressful. I'd like to be much more positive about things. Last day of being pregnant and knowing baby is coming tomorrow. I hope his mood picks up.

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