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encouraging labour - tips

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 22-Nov-09 17:34:48

i know this has been done to the end but humour me will you.

I have on my list of things done/to do:
long walk
scrubbing floor
raspberry tea
caster oil - not trying that one - yuck!
general movement/activity

Anything else i am missing here? Not that i am impatient now or anything. I was feeling rather scared/apprehensive/nervous. Now, i just want him here!

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 22-Nov-09 17:44:11 there anything that i should avoid like, coffee, cooking, lying on my back/side/whatever, other things that could slow the start of labour (for example i read ibruprofen slows down onset of labour, not that i have been taking it anyway).

Kingsroadie Sun 22-Nov-09 19:52:34

Ha - am doing all this and not even overdue yet - almost 39 weeks! Impatient? Moi?

I have also read that taking evening primrose oil capsules can help ripen the cervix. And clary sage oil mixed with a carrier oil rubbed into bump can help.

Am trying all of these but nothing - perhaps they just come when they are ready...but I am ready NOW! grin

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 22-Nov-09 19:54:49

kingroadie i have been ready for weeks too! Baby boy is overdue by 5 days, however I was convinced he would be a week early at least, and therefore in my mind he is in fact at least 2 weeks overdue!!

I read that you need to eat at last 7 pineapples to be effective, and that it is more likely to give you a dodgy belly than anything else! grin.

badietbuddy Sun 22-Nov-09 19:56:34

Nipple tweaking.
And for me, a nice long bath with clary sage- waters broke as I stepped out (he was 11 days overdue though shock)

Pingpong Sun 22-Nov-09 19:56:43

ankle rubs - put pressure round the ankle bone and achilles tendon. It's one of the better ones as it is actually quite pleasant.
Nipple stimulation.

ShowOfHands Sun 22-Nov-09 19:58:35

Nothing is effective. smile

A normal gestation is 37-42 weeks and a baby will come when it's ready and really you don't want to force a baby into the world before s/he's ready unless there is a medical reason to do so.

Could you approach it from another angle ie things I want to do now that might be difficult once the baby comes and enjoy the last days instead of chasing an unattainable goal.

I do sympathise though. The last bit seems interminable.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 22-Nov-09 20:00:02

ooh a nice long bath with clary sage sounds just the ticket, followed by a ankle massage, while sipping raspberry leaf tea. I have just booked that for tomorrow grin DH has instructions.

Naetha Sun 22-Nov-09 20:03:24

Book something really important for two days time - guaranteed you'll go into labour tomorrow

Failing that, what worked for me last time was a 4 mile walk. Reflexology is also meant to work, although I was in labour by the time I had my session - was still lovely though :D

I have a pedicure booked for tomorrow, so I'll probably go into labour tonight!

Oh, and evening primrose oil up the fanjo is meant to help, but no results for me after best part of a week of it!

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 22-Nov-09 20:03:57

showofhands yes I know, i know. But DD was born 37+2 completely unexpected, no sign spotting, just went into labour, after a great night out, lovely!

But now, I have done as much cleaning as i can bear. I am tired, and big (well to be honest, not that big) and i cannot think of a thing I want to do now! I am keen to meet him now!


joyfull Sun 22-Nov-09 20:35:12

I was 14 days past EDD when I went into labour spontaneously, at home (where we birthed). It's really not unusual for women to go over the date - it IS an estimate! I found info in AIMS booklet 'Induction - do I really need it' really, really useful. It suggests there may be some link between maternal/maternal grandmothers pregnancy length and what you experience. I was born 3 weeks past due. Might that be the case in your family? Maybe you carry babies for longer?

Personally, I felt like when I stopped stressing and just actually stopped altogether things started to happen for themselves - it sounds like your relaxing night last time did something similar? Can you get out and do something lovely - with of without partner?

Hope this helps and that you have a great birth. x

sanfairyann Sun 22-Nov-09 20:38:17

acupuncture is great if your body is more or less ready

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 22-Nov-09 21:23:17

joyful my mother is not here to ask any more, but i know she had two of us (not me i don't think) on their actual due date. And there are 4 of us.

Last time, with DD i was told i would be induced on the monday following a consultant appt as DD was not growing well, so we went out for a meal, had great but different sex that night, waters broke 5 hours later on the saturday. I guess it was either the sex or the non expectation! And, as it happens absolutely nothing wrong with DD, she was just ready to come out and was tiny.

I have never been a patient soul. DH said he can see how much this must be frustrating me as I am normally more in control of things around me! If I do something, whether it works or not, gives some pretence of control grin

And I really don't want to be induced at 12 days past.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 22-Nov-09 21:24:03

sanfairyann i have heard that too actually, might look into it, if not for that, then for the backache i have!

mamasunshine Sun 22-Nov-09 22:43:26

Reflexology, reflexology, reflexology!!!

Kingsroadie Sun 22-Nov-09 22:45:45

Pavlov am the same - I like to plan and am b impatient so at least doing something makes me feel that I am doing all I can!

My mother was about 2 weeks early with me and 3 with my brother so I think I got my hopes up! However, it is worth remembering that they didn't have scans really (or they weren't that accurate) so the EDDs are probably more likely to be right these days. Perhaps she wasn't actually as early as it seemed, if you know what I mean.

Have had pretty strong BH and period type pains and lower backache yesterday and today (they have got stronger after sex yest and today eve !). I have been having BH for weeks but these are def stronger and didn't have the period pains previously... Fingers crossed it is at least a good sign that my body is getting ready?!

Sorry just realised this post is rather long grin

MamiBabi Mon 23-Nov-09 00:01:19

My advice would be to not do anything - sit it out! I spent last 3 weeks of last pregnancy trying to get things going - nipple tweeking, breast pump, sex, foot massages etc only to induce some seriously uncomfortable BH which led to nothing. Then miraculously (or indeed not given that my periods were always like clockwork and a 28 day cycle) I went into labour 3 hours past due date.

The baby will arrive when it is cooked, trying to force things only made me more uncomfortable than necessary and made me more and more impatient and annoyed by the day. Enjoy your last few days, (she says whilst recalling that she would have paid good money to speed things up). Now that DD has arrived, I wish I'd spent more time taking it easy rather than focussing on how much I wanted to shift her grin

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 23-Nov-09 07:49:46

kingsroadie shock envy sex? twice? iam impressed! i love my dh very much, but am not feeling sexy in the slightest. Poor man!

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 23-Nov-09 07:50:46

Oh, and fingers crossed this is something, although, 2 weeks ago, i had a couple of real contractions, a show, lower back pain, period aches on top of thighs. Then Nada. It all went away!

Chica31 Mon 23-Nov-09 07:57:29

Go for a really long walk. Worked brilliantly for me. In the evening I marched off with DH. He kept moaning can we go back yet. We walked for miles. When I went to the loo when we came back that mucus plug thing had come out. I had DD by 5pm the next day. She was our first baby and only 2 days late.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 23-Nov-09 08:04:34

Chica - i did a very long walk at the weekend and succeeded in getting a sore pelvis and thighs, very tired and nothing else! grin

Kingsroadie Mon 23-Nov-09 11:00:04

Too bloody rainy for a long walk - am restless too (been awake since 6am - better get used to it) so would have quite liked one - perhaps it will clear up later!

Pavlov - ha - I know - I was rather impressed too. It went sort of along the lines of "you helped put her in there, you help get her out". Am not feeling over attractive at the moment but for some reason my husband is not put off in the slightest grin and also shock. There's no accounting for taste...

Bit quieter today though - still BH and a bit of period type pain but nowere near as bad as last night - perhaps I need to do it in the morning and then start walking. Hmmm, I doubt that will happen somehow! I think my body is probably just getting a bit more ready and it will be a while yet. Ugh. (I will probably regret this once she is here and I am exhausted!)

girlsyearapart Mon 23-Nov-09 11:11:23

dd1- glass of champagne the night before then a swim in the morning to stop the annoying backache which was actually labour..

dd2- trying to get a 1 yr old to go to sleep against her will in a travel cot at mils house.

carmenelectra Mon 23-Nov-09 13:16:59

I agree with those who have said try not to hurry it up but instead concentrate on doing things that may be difficult once baby was here.

With my first two i was very eager and took raspberry leaf religiously in the hope of getting things going. This time with number 3 im the opposite. I have not long finished work. I am 38 wks and although i dont wnt to go over I dont want the baby for at least another week as Ive loads to do. Im desperately trying to clean the house/catch up on jobs, Christmas shop as well as baby shop.

Ive had a couple of days where i have had uncomfortable tightenings but thankfully they have led to nothing!

However, if i Get to my due date then the raspberry leaf will be out(ive been too busy to buy any so far!), curry etc etc

Kingsroadie Mon 23-Nov-09 16:25:49

I know what you mean and I am sure I won't now what's ht me when she arrives! However, I finished work while ago (which I am very glad I did as I now feel very rested and ready) but have pretty much done everything I can do - in terms of nursery, preparation, cleaning, cooking, sorting photos, etc. I am making the most of it though as I do realise I won't get the chance soon. Painting toenails, plucking eyebrows, seeing people for coffee or lunch almost every day which is lovely really - god I sound so spoilt - sorry. The grass is always greener hey? Am just naturally impatient so it's hard for me grin

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