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Ceasarean No.4

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rodeo1 Tue 21-Jun-05 16:59:46

I'm on pregnancy number 4, lost first baby at 26 weeks who didn't survive (born by CS), now have got 2 lovely children and now am having baby number 3.

I been for my 20 week scan today, which was lovely. Also had an appt with a registrar (consultant not there) who said, having gone through my notes, that it was noticed at my last section my uterus where my scar is is thin and that they would deliver at 37 weeks at the latest, 36 if necessary, to prevent uterine rupture.

So now i'm obviously a bit scared (also guilty as I didn't stop at 3 sections) - wondered if anyone could offer any advice or if anyone has any past experience? Thanks x x x

beachyhead Tue 21-Jun-05 17:20:07

I'm having cs no. 3 this summer. I think as long as it is noted and they give you sufficient scans to judge growth and therefore the best time to deliver, you should be fine.

You are in a better position as it has been noted, so I would just insist on a lot of scans and some extra care.........

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