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How likely am I to be allowed a home birth? Am 40 and had pre-eclampsia with first baby

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stellamel Wed 18-Nov-09 11:44:03

I am 40yo and 34 weeks preggers, the closer I get to 'D Day' the more I realise that I do not want to give birth in hospital. Had a hideously medicalised birth last time, induction, internal fetal monitoring, nil by mouth, catheterised, saline drip, epidural to bring blood pressure down that resulted in a 2 week headache due to punctured membrane, a failed blood patch to try and seal it. Plus delivered flat on my back sad

I am seeing midwife on Friday, and want to discuss the possibility of home birth. However at last appointment blood pressure was up and protein traces in urine, so naturally I am fretting that I will get pre-eclampsia again and need inducing.

The hospital I am going does have a v. good natural birth suite, water births etc but the more I read about home birth the more I think it's for me.

How likely am I to get my wish? is it worth even mentioning it to MW or would it be pointless? AND, more importantly, am I being stupid/selfish given my history would it be better for me to be in hospital?

Lot's of questions, but thought you lovely mumsnetters would have sage advice for me, and either tell me I am being foolish and selfish to think of HB, or to go for it.

Thanks in advance smile

foxytocin Wed 18-Nov-09 11:49:43

They don't have to 'allow' you a home birth. You request one.

If they say 'no', ask on what basis. What they will then tell you is likely to be tosh.

As long as you are having a normal healthy pg you can stay at home to have your baby.

Repeat after me. Every pregnancy is different. (And then to them if necessary)

They cannot base any 'what ifs' on what happened in a different pg. They can only base this pg on what they can assess in this one.

good luck on your HB. plan for a water one!

foxytocin Wed 18-Nov-09 11:56:17

aha, just read that you are having signs of PE again.

do not panic. Inform your self first. Look at

they have a list of 'i am not allowed a homebirth because....' Please read it first.

I should think that if you are taking beta blockers and your bp comes down and the protein holds steady and / or disappears you can still have a home birth.

I am not a medical person and think that you deserve informed choice.

join the home birth yahoo group today and ask questions. there are some v knowledgeable women there who can give you better answers than I can. they can also give you clinical references too if necessary so you can make an informed decision.

wherever you have your baby, you do not have to have an induction just because of PE. you can have expectant management where you and your baby are monitored everyday if need be and as long as the signs of PE don't worsen you can wait it out to have spontaneous start of labour.

get a doula

sarah293 Wed 18-Nov-09 12:13:26

Message withdrawn

BunnyLebowski Wed 18-Nov-09 12:49:07

There is no such thing as being 'allowed' a home birth fgs!

It's your right to have your baby wherever you choose to.

Read up on your rights and stand your ground.

stellamel Thu 19-Nov-09 20:09:27

Wasn't sure to be honest! wish I could afford a doula but we're skint at the mo.

I'll ask the MW tmrw, and see what she reckons.

Tangle Fri 20-Nov-09 11:38:00

Have you seen the MW? I'd 2nd joining the homebirth mailgroup if you haven't already and asking for opinions.

You also loose nothing by talking to doulas and/or IMs - many will consider payment in kind and/or payment plans, and a doula in training could be a lot cheaper than you might expect. Most IMs will be happy to talk through options (although they cannot give you advice unless you take them on and they have your full medical history) and may give you a different perspective on risks.

Fingers crossed for you that you have a better experience this time round, wherever it happens to be

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