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Waters broken? Do I need to do something?

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merglemergle Mon 20-Jun-05 15:15:47

Ok. Slightly graphic post alert.

38+ 2 wks pg, 2nd pregnancy. Have noticed slight (REALLY slight) trickle down legs etc . Thing is, it could be sweat but it smells like amniotic fluid [big]. Its been going on since last night. I have NO other symptoms of labour whatsohever. Baby is low down but don't think she's engaged today.

Now with ds my waters never broke (caul baby)) so I can't remember if I need to do anything about this, or can I just assume that if somethings going to happen it will and if not, it won't.

I have no desire to drag ds up to the hospital to get it checked out, especially since it will mean catching 2 buses. Can this wait til tommorrow, when I can make an appointment with my midwife at my own conveniance?

I am lazy and it is hot.

QueenEagle Mon 20-Jun-05 15:19:54

Phone the delivery suite, see what they advise. My hospital always advised to go in if the waters were leaking as the risk of infection to the baby increases. Other hospitals might be happy to leave it a while longer. Best to phone though to check.

Pruni Mon 20-Jun-05 15:21:41

Message withdrawn

Guardianangel Mon 20-Jun-05 15:22:39

Good luck girl

beachyhead Mon 20-Jun-05 15:24:22

could a local mw come out to you?

madmarchhare Mon 20-Jun-05 15:26:50

Could it be wee? Sorry!

trace2 Mon 20-Jun-05 16:02:10

is it slippy like its got washing up liquid in it would ring for advice

madmarchhare Mon 20-Jun-05 16:07:26

Have you called yet Mergle? I wasnt joking by the way, I though my waters had 'leaked' a bit, but after a trip up to the labour ward I was told to go home as I had wet myself

HappyMumof2 Mon 20-Jun-05 16:41:43

Message withdrawn

fastasleep Mon 20-Jun-05 17:06:42

Best of luck merglemergle...waiting for your happy announcment on the birth boards!

merglemergle Mon 20-Jun-05 17:08:21

Hi. Thanks for all the replies! Ds woke up and I had to go and do mummy things.

Happymumof2-no Can't be that .Mainly because ds has decided to give up sleeping AT ALL at night. Just during the day, when dp is at work. It smells-as you descibe though, which is why I am worried.

Pretty sure I would have noticed if I had wet myself, but you never know these days.

REALLY don't want to have this baby now. I have too much to do! Was counting on another 3 weeks!

I shall call and see what they suggest. I am booked for a home birth so maybe they'll come out. I'm not normally this lazy but it is SO HOT and I do have SPD and sciatica so I have a bit of an excuse I suppose.

merglemergle Mon 20-Jun-05 17:09:42

My worry is that they will induce to be on the safe side. But I shall be a good, not lazy mummy, and make the call.

fastasleep Mon 20-Jun-05 17:10:58

Try not to let them bug you into having a hospital birth, if it is amniotic fluid and you spontaneously start contractions in the next 2 days or so you'll be fine xxx...

fastasleep Mon 20-Jun-05 17:11:58

Get them to explain the exact 'risks' to you, and then make your own mind up ...(this from the lady who's convinced all doctors are out to get us to have hospital births!)

dramaqueen72 Mon 20-Jun-05 17:15:19

well I'm wishing you lots of luck! my last labour my waters broke before any contractions (never happened the two before!) and i ahd to go get checked out..was told would be induced the next day (which terrified me!) but labour kicked in all by itself that night.
the sudden heat seems to send lots of people into labour....
I hope its all good for you when they come and check you!

merglemergle Mon 20-Jun-05 17:26:16

Well the phone is engaged.

And there is no answer on the hospital switchboard.

I shall finish my tea and try again.

dramaqueen72 Mon 20-Jun-05 17:48:37

LOL typical!!!

pupuce Mon 20-Jun-05 17:54:46

Are you still leaking? Is it clear?
Keep track of your temp and you could stay home until things start happening IF this is amniotic fluid

madmarchhare Mon 20-Jun-05 19:25:46

Have you tried again?

merglemergle Mon 20-Jun-05 19:38:00

Ok, well I tried again and they don't seem very concerned. I can come in, or should go to my midwife tommorrow. There is a shortage of midwives also so they might require me to come in-I might lose my homebirth. My mum, who is meant to be looking after ds, has brokwn her phone, so really need a homebirth if possible! Told to check for meconium etc. Not too interested in sitting in a hospital for a few hours, and my experience is that if you go in at this time of night, they often keep you in for observation overnight. So I think I'll just pop in to see the midwife tommorrow.

Thanks for all the comments! I know I should be excited but TBH I want these last few weeks with ds, getting used to the idea of having another baby. And I've just got a big parcel of books off Amazon!

trace2 Mon 20-Jun-05 19:44:00

keep us posted, if you can take care

janeybops Mon 20-Jun-05 19:49:53

I had this with ds - waters broke and no contractions. They were really keen to induce me after 24 hours but I said no. Went into labour after 32 hours, but was getting cose to time limit of 48 hours when they would have definitely induced me. I also had to be on antibiotics and monitored throughout labour as their is a much higher risk of infection if you have PROM (prolonged rupture of the membranes) apparently. I therefore think it is unlikely you will get your homebirth as obstretian was involved in all of my palavar. I missed out on water birth I had planned coz of it...

pupuce Mon 20-Jun-05 21:37:55

Well I have attended home births wehere there were PROM but I ahve to say it was the mother's choice.... there was no fever and baby was fine.
To my amazement despite the fact that they made a fuss for her to come in after 24h.... she started contractions 36 hours later... they never asked her to come in once she had ignored them (after 24h) !

merglemergle Mon 20-Jun-05 21:48:02

Is there a way to test whether it is amniotic fluid or...anything else? Because I am REALLY worried that if I go in saying I think my waters may have broken, they will induce after 24 hours based on this. I might be wrong. I am especially worried because I actually think my due date is wrong. It was calculated based on a scan at 16 weeks, but I have a 5-6 week cycle which they did not take account of. I really think she is 2 weeks younger than they think, and I don't want her born so early, I want time with ds, etc etc.

It really is a tiny tiny amout, it is the smell (sorry) that makes me think it might be amnoitic fluid. Could there just be a tear that would heal?

Sorry to moan, and sorry if it looks like I am ignoring all this well thought out advice! I AM thinking it all through, I just worry that if I start getting the hospital midwives involves a chain of events will start which will end with an induction, or worse.

I am keen to avoid induction for several reasons, but in part because I do have SPD/sciatica and so want to avoid an epidural. (can't even begin to consider having SPD with a baby + toddler!)

pupuce Mon 20-Jun-05 21:52:54

Amniotic fluid smells sweet. They would do a swab and confirm in hospital.
Yes some leaks do heal....
Are you still leaking? Have you got a pad on ? Is it still clear?

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