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If your first was 2 weeks late, how late was your second?

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meandmybub Thu 12-Nov-09 12:00:16

My first DC was induced at 2 weeks late as there were absolutely no signs of labour happening - but when I was induced it only took one dose of the pessary and then DC was out like a torpedo.

I am now a week overdue with DC2 and just wondering is it possible that my body doesn't know how to go into labour by itself, or should I hold out some hope that it is going to happen spontaneously? I had a sweep a few days ago and the mw said everything was good to go and she would be surprised if I didn't give birth very soon ... well I haven't, and I haven't even had any twinges or anything.

I'm clutching at straws really as deep down I don't think I believe that I will go into labour - but any of you ladies had similar and then actually gone into labour before the dreaded 2 weeks (and I do know that I don't have to go down the induction route when it comes to it, but the way I feel at the mo, there is no way I can hang on any longer!)?

funtimewincies Thu 12-Nov-09 14:50:20

Snap - ds was induced 2 weeks over after 2 sweeps. One pessary and 11 hours later he was here.

Sorry, can't help yet with your question though blush. I'm 37+4 and was wondering exactly the same thing as you, so came to watch with interest.

Hope you pop soon grin.

Hyena Thu 12-Nov-09 15:15:12

DD was induced at 40+14. One pessary, ARM and syntocyn plus 19 hours delivery.

DS (born yesterday) at 40+12 wasn't even engaged when third sweep was performed on Tuesday. Induction was booked for today but woke up to a pop at 6am and we had a pool birth at 2pm.

It won't be long now ladies. Good luck!

fillybuster Thu 12-Nov-09 15:20:57

Congrats Hyena and funtime

meandmybub - my ds was induced at 2 weeks and was a nightmare birth...I didn't fancy going through that again so when I was 40+5 with dd I hit the castor oil (on the unofficial advice of the midwife after an evening sweep ) at 8am....3 10ml spoons (a half dose) in a glass of orange juice. spent the morning at home, mostly on the loo (but not very ill...sorry if tmi blush), then spent the whole afternoon standing up cooking a vat of soup. sat down at 5pm and suddenly felt a massive twinge. dd appeared about 27 hours induction, controlled early labour, a generally good experience.

needless to say, I shall be re-engaging with the castor oil if #3 doesn't make a timely appearance in June.

Good luck however it turns out!

meandmybub Thu 12-Nov-09 15:24:27

ooh congratulations Hyena - so there is hope smile

Good luck funtimewincies, sending lots of labour vibes to us both (although yours are on hold for a couple of weeks!).

beautifulgirls Thu 12-Nov-09 16:26:31

DD#1 40+12 spontaneous (though due to be induced the next day!) - tried everything to get labour going...not sure anything helped
DD#2 40+8 spontaneous - also tried everything to get labour started and again not sure anything helped
DD#3 39+5 spontaneous - Didn't bother with any of the things to get labour going as had decided they are not worth it!!

purpleturtle Thu 12-Nov-09 16:32:04

DD decided she didn't want to be induced out of there, and arrived at 40+13 (was going in for induction the next day)
DS1 beat that, and waited till 40+14, but then came of his own accord.
DS2 disproved my theory that my body just does a 42 week pregnancy by arriving at a mere 40+5. grin

Tommy Thu 12-Nov-09 16:40:55

DS1 was 2 weeks late and induced - very long and difficult labour sad

DS2 was about 4 days late and slipped out in a couple of hours grin

DS3 was bang on the due date and labour was about 6 hours

thatsnotmymonster Thu 12-Nov-09 16:44:09

DS was 9 days over and appeared naturally after a sweep -haha that sounds funny grin

DD1 was induced at T+12 AND so was dd2!!

SkivingViking Thu 12-Nov-09 16:47:21

DD was 12 days late

DS was 14 days late - born after 3rd sweep and a few hours before my appointment to be properly induced.

My midwife told me i was like an elephant and must have naturally long pregnancies

(That sounds awful in retrospect and out of context but we were laughing about it together ... once ds was safely out after what seemed like an eternity)

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