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What dosage Arnica tablets after c-section?

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webwoman05 Sat 18-Jun-05 19:55:23

I am most probably having an elective c section soon (I am almost 35 weeks). I have read that a lot of mums have taken arnica tablets to aid their healing. Just wondered what dosage to take? They have pills for -6 and -30 which is the best to take, as girl I asked advice from in shop was a bit clueless?!

I recovered very well from my previous emergency c-section 4 and a half years ago but need to get moving and active as quickly as possible to look after ds1. Will get loads of help from dh and my mum but anything to speed recovery is worth a go.

Cheers in advance ladies...

pupuce Sat 18-Jun-05 19:59:38

I would take Arnia 200 BEFORE and after the section.
Start 24 hours before the operation and continue for 5 days afterwards with at least 2 to 4 pilules a day.
You can get Arnica 200 here :
If you ring them they make an extra suggestion to healp heal the scar.... they are worth a ring.

pupuce Sat 18-Jun-05 20:00:04

Arnica 200 that is !

uwila Sat 18-Jun-05 20:31:04

I took the 30 ones. Ate them like candy and definitely think I covered faster this time (elective section four weeks ago). Didn't know you could get 200... perhaps youdon't have to eat so many of those.

Hazellnut Sat 18-Jun-05 22:44:58

took 30 here too ! Think they helped as recovered fairly quickly. Was induced so took them when started induction and ended up having c-section. Was also told vit C with zinc helped heal a c-section so took this too afterwards.

webwoman05 Wed 22-Jun-05 16:53:56

Thanks ladies for you swift replies. I now have my c section booked for 18 July. I mentioned arnica tablets to the consultant on Monday and he looked at me as if I was talking a different language! He said he had never heard of them and then said not to take them as I have been taking asprin to help with this pregnancy (as I had an abruption last time) until after the op! Any ideas? He is supposed to have been my consultant all through this pregnancy but this is the first time I've met him - in fact I've never seen the same doctor twice!

Did any of you ladies know the doctors that actually delivered your babies? Just a thought...

Hazellnut Wed 22-Jun-05 17:54:05

can't see why you couldn't take arnica as well as aspirin as it is homeopathic. I took along with all the c-section painkillers they give you... But then I'm not a doctor so I wouldn't go on my advice !

I did know the doc that did my c-section but only really cos by the time I had my c-section after 3 days of induction she had been around quite a lot and I knew most of the doctors and midwives by then . I had met her once before I went into hospital.

Good luck for 18 July !

chicagomum Wed 22-Jun-05 21:15:17

i would absolutely recommend arnica (took it with both my births and needed no pain relief - i didn't have c sections but hed ventouse with both and stiches) as a dentist i routinely recommend it to patients when doing extractions/surgery etc and it really helps (they take it with aspirin paracetamol,coproxamol etc etc with no adverse effects) would recommend the "higher" doses which can be bought at a dispensing homeopathic pharmacist if you can't wait for them online

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