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Should I ask for birthing pool/mobile monitoring when I call the delivery suite or wait until I get there???

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waddlelikeaduck Mon 09-Nov-09 17:20:06


I had a false start to my labour just under two weeks ago and did the recommended thing of phoning the delivery suite before going in, when I got there I was practically forced to get on the bed for continuous monitoring (VBAC)even though my notes CLEARLY state that I do not want this and would like to use a pool for pain relief.. despite my arguing my DH didn't back me up and I ended up uncomfy and really grumpy...angry things stopped and after about 2 hours we went home...

I have since found out that they do have mobile monitors and had it reconfirmed that I do not have to get on the bed etc... thing is, I know my DH is a worrier and will go along with the MW despite what I say...sad

My question is, should I say when I phone up that I will not be continuously monitored when I arrive and that I would like to be allocated a room with a pool if possible or should I wait until we arrive?

comments/suggestions anyone? I reckon the real thing could be any day now (39+4!)

Lulumama Mon 09-Nov-09 17:24:18

say it when you call especially if there is only one pool

do a birth preferences, several copeis, with your preferences wrt to monitoring and mobility highlighted

make sure you give one to MW or make sure DH know to give a copy if you can't

even if you do have to be continously monitored, teh leads are long enough for you to use a birth ball, lean on the bed etc, you should not be confiend to the bed , lying donw

waddlelikeaduck Mon 09-Nov-09 18:00:06

thanks lulumama,

apparently there are 2 birth pools in the delivery suite and at least 2 mobile monitors so fingers crossed they will be available... the leads were rubbish on the monitor and I am sure it was a relic from the 1980's! lol...

good point re copies of plan... will try and do that tomorrow

Lulumama Mon 09-Nov-09 18:24:47

you can decline constant monitoring whether mobile or otherwise and ask for intermittent monitoring, there have been some good links re intermittent monitoring for VBAC on here.

you can make informed choices to accept or decline any or all of what is advised

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