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SE London - looking for a birth doula

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naturalbornmama Mon 09-Nov-09 16:04:27

I live in SE London and am due to give birth to my second child at the end of January at Kings College hospital.

I am looking for somebody to support me during the birth itself. I don't think I will require any postnatal services.

Cost is an issue so I think I am probably looking for a trainee doula unless of course any qualified doulas offer a reduced cost package which is birth only (I have noticed that most do a package which includes post natal support which I don't think I need ... well at this stage at least).

I have looked at loads of websites but its so hard to know who to contact, who I will "click" with without having a recommendation or getting a feel for somebody through direct contact - I just want someone easy to get along with who will calm me down and support me through the labour itself (this is something I had with my first birth and it was invaluable).

Please feel free to CAT me if you would prefer, otherwise recommendations are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

naturalbornmama Mon 09-Nov-09 16:23:42

Just going to add that I am a namechanged regular - for some reason feel odd posting this request in my usual name, not sure why!

DH is a bit odd about me having a "stranger" as a birth partner as last time I had someone I knew with me (who I can't have this time around) but we have good reasons why we need "somebody" else to be there. But it does mean that I can't justify a cost of say £600 (which I think is the normal doula rate for the full "birth package") because it just literally that I need a birth partner, not much more or less really. ideally I would be able to meet said person before the day so it wasn't too weird!! But somebody who is "easy" to get to know and feel comfortable with is obviously preferred.

liahgen Mon 09-Nov-09 18:18:13

email me on

naturalbornmama Tue 10-Nov-09 21:59:46

Thanks - have sent you an email.

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