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3rd degree tear - I think I need restitching

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Igglybuff Sat 07-Nov-09 03:44:44

Hi - I hope this isn't TMI but warning you now!

I gave birth to DS five weeks ago. On the advice of NCT I was going to attempt sex before my 6 week check up- I had a "borderline" third degree tear so was stitched up.

To pluck up the courage, I decided to investigate my bits before trying things with DH. It all looks a bit messy which I can live with.
However (TMI alert), on having a feel inside, I think my vaginal opening has been sewn up too tightly so is tighter than the inside. It's hard to explain but it's like inserting your finger into an inflated balloon - narrow opening but large inside!! The opening itself feels incredibly stiff - which I think means sex is a no no for now.

This has really upset me. I've read a lot of threads on mumsnet so know that post tear/episiotomy repairs are commonly botched. I was hoping someone out there might have a similar experience and could give me advice? I'm seeing my GP on weds so need to prepare. Thanks.

LittleSilver Sat 07-Nov-09 07:12:10

Hi, this happened to me, you poor thing! I can obviously only speak from my own experience, and don't know your GP, but be prepared to be ASSERTIVE whn you go and see her.

Mine got very patronisign, and informed me that I was "never going to be the same again after delivery nearly an eight pound baby". He obviously didn't want to examine me, I pushed for it (feeling really weird and embarassed for doing so). He took one peek under the sheet, pulled it over again quickly and said "Oh, right, I'll refer you right back". Got seen quite quickly and had it re-done under GA.

TMI alert. Even after it was re-done, intimacy was very very painful for 2 years, but after giving birth again it was a lot better.

I hope it goes well for you. My personal lesson learned from this is never to let a student midwife suture you.

Igglybuff Sat 07-Nov-09 08:32:06

Thank you. Luckily I've been given a 6 wk check with the midwives and my GP. So have two shots at getting sorted.

I'm gutted that this has happened and ready to get assertive on them - but can see myself dissolving into tears! However, from what I've read, sorting it sooner rather than later is key.

Yes my DS was a bigun (over 9lb) but I at least have the right to be fixed properly - seeing as it costs them more to fix their mess...!

The irony was they called a consultant in to fix me as too complicated for the midwives. shock

Igglybuff Sat 07-Nov-09 08:45:04

littlesilver how long did it take to recover?

LittleSilver Sat 07-Nov-09 14:00:50

Sweetie, if you need to burst into tears then do so! It is upsetting, it's so private and yet so crucial a bit! Do take notes if that will help you, maybe another bod if that would be good? Best friend/sister maybe? Healing time, mmmmm, not sure, it was four years ago, think around four weeks ish, but was very wary! Good luck!

Igglybuff Sat 07-Nov-09 16:31:09

Notes are def a good idea! Might take DH... Will see how I feel. I guess it took me a few weeks to heal from the first set of stitches so what's a few more eh! Provided they redo me - which they better...

Igglybuff Sun 08-Nov-09 08:26:37


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