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would shaving my legs make them more or less itchy after a section?

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LissyGlitter Thu 05-Nov-09 12:21:05

After my last section, I remember being unbearably itchy under the blowy up leg things. I actually had to ask a HCA to give my legs a rough wash with a cool flannel it was so bad.

Would shaving my legs make it worse or better? I don't tend to bother all that often in general, but I do have one of those venus razors with the purple bits that release shaving gel stuff for my underarms.

Any tips for preventing the itchyness? I am a generally itchy and rashy person anyway.

(god I sound sexy )

HeadFairy Thu 05-Nov-09 12:22:40

I had really strong itchy sensation during the actual cs.. the anaesthetist said it was quite a common reaction. Is that what you had? In which case I don't think shaving will make any difference.

LissyGlitter Thu 05-Nov-09 12:44:36

No idea if I had it in the section, I was far too out of it with fear and panic (emergency), but afterwards, before I could sit up but as the feeling was coming back slowly, I was incredibly itchy.

HeadFairy Thu 05-Nov-09 12:50:50

I wonder if that's the same as what I had, I think it's more neurological ie as the sensation returns to your lower body it fires off all sorts of sensations. I'm not sure shaving will make any difference. Can't do any harm to try but I wouldn't hold my breath. Do you think the surgical stockings made it worse? Perhaps you buy some of your own and try them out beforehand and find some that don't itch too much and then ask if you can use those ones. I don't know if surgical stockings vary but perhaps there are some hypoallergenic ones.

LissyGlitter Thu 05-Nov-09 12:53:02

The ones I wore last time were electronic, they were like balloons that blew up and deflated every couple of minutes. I didn't wear the normal stockings at all.

mamaloco Thu 05-Nov-09 14:04:18

If you are itchy and rashy person, then shaving will itch (quick regrowth and irritated skin), so I would guess it will be worse unless it is so bad you can't actually feel the difference. I had cotton/elastic stocking last time, and don't remember any itching. I had depilated few weeks before though so no long hair to pull either.

HeadFairy Thu 05-Nov-09 14:28:26

How odd, I've never heard of inflating surgical stockings. Perhaps you could ask the hospital if you could have the traditional fabric ones this time.

Otherwise, could waxing be a better solution? Much less itchy stubbly regrowth. I find although initially (for about two hours) my legs are prickly and itchy after waxing, ultimately they itch much less during the regrowth period.

nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 05-Nov-09 14:30:47

It was the oromorph which made legs and feet itch like crazy. I don't think shaving or not shaving will make any difference to that kind of itch.

SpudtheScarecrow Thu 05-Nov-09 20:38:49

I'm sure I read somewhere (tho I've never been able to find it again) that you can ask to have an antihistamine to reduce the itching - my back itched terribly and somehow because of the spinal I could feel the itching but not how hard I was scratching so ended up with big scratches all over my back. Might be worth asking.


Iggi999 Thu 05-Nov-09 20:44:54

Don't think it's a skin itch. I itched like buggery. Was told there was something I could take to make it stop, but had side-effects. Wish I'd taken it though, as I then heard of others who had with no ill affects at all.
Can't remember if legs were shaved or not, think it's highly unlikely given the size I was!

LissyGlitter Thu 05-Nov-09 20:50:21

I saw a consultant today and she looked at one of my many rashes (on my bump) and asked if I knew what it was. I said no and she shrugged. Possibly exema or psorisis she suggested. I baffle medical science! Admittedly she was a maternity doctor, not a skin doctor, but still I feel oddly proud

(Bit off topic, but, like I say, I am a rashy person!)

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