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8 week check

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gorge2003 Mon 02-Nov-09 13:31:53

dunno if this is right place to post but me and dd got our 8 week check tomorrow and was wondering about my gp appointment...i had a prolapsed cervix and a cystocele when i gave birth...cervix seems fine now but cystocele is still slightly was poking out a bit for 2 weeks post birth but now it seems ok but i still get pressure when i go to toilet and never seem to completely empty my bladder....anyway do u think doctor is going to want to look at it?

also is it worth mentioning i have been constantly constipated since i had her???

harimosmummy Mon 02-Nov-09 14:36:25

I think you have to tell the GP / Doctor everything you are experiencing.

I can't say whether they will want to look - I have two kids and never had an internal exam... I hate them, but you have to tell them about the sypmtoms you have.


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