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low down pain when standing

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browntrout Mon 02-Nov-09 10:50:27

I am due on Friday with DD2. DD1 came relatively quickly for a first birth (went from 2 to 9cm in a couple of hours) and was advised by MW to be organised if I had another. My partner works away and is on standy to come ack at short notice. He only gets his 2 weeks leave tho and so I want to maximise the time as much as possible.

So far I have had no proper signs. Having practice contractions off and on but not had a show and waters not leaking or anything. Since last night tho, when I stand up from a sitting position, the baby feels very very low down so much so that I cant straighten properly and am bent double. It does ease after I've walked a bit.

I just wondered if anyone else started in this way or, if anyone had the same pain, how long after they gave birth. I know the baby will come when she is ready but I am also weighing up the domestic practicalities and panicking a little. Last Thurs I had MW appointment and she said that the head was 2/5 engaged tho this may not mean so much second time around.

grateful for any advice.

doughnutty Tue 03-Nov-09 12:22:28

Are you me?

Aside from this being my first I have all the same things happening.

Sorry I have no advice but will be interested if anone else has.

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