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Advice needed - what is an appropriate gift for best friends 3rd baby (and she's asked me to be Godmother!)

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PinkButterfly Thu 16-Jun-05 08:42:54

Can anyone give me any recommendations? She had previously said just to give her vouchers but I feel they are a bit impersonal and now she has asked me to be Godmother I feel gift should be a bit more special ?? Or do I wait and give special gift on Christening Day - never been a Godmummy before!!!

Pamina3 Thu 16-Jun-05 09:14:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clary Thu 16-Jun-05 09:27:08

There’s another thread on this IIRC.....
I think photo album is always good. Also is this baby a different time of year iyswim? ie could she use summer baby stuff as all she has is winter? (my 3rd was born in a chilly april and I had to beg and borrow some newborn fleecy bits as my other two were summer).
Also someone gave me some nice bibs for ds2 which were really useful as all the others I had were so gakky!

clary Thu 16-Jun-05 09:34:47

this is a good thread present ideas

feelingold Thu 16-Jun-05 10:29:30

I would go along with her wishes now as she may have something in mind to buy with vouchers and then get a more special pesonal gift for the baby at the christening. Is the baby a boy or a girl? I ask cos when my dd was christened her godmother bought her a charm bracelet and she buys her a charm to go on it for her birthday every year (although she is 10 this year and it will have to be the last one cos it's full). My dd loves it.

PinkButterfly Thu 16-Jun-05 15:42:32

Thank you for your suggestions - much appreciated. I was thinking about it today and think I will just give vouchers for now. Whilst this is her third child she had decided a number of years ago that she wasn't having any more kids and gave all her stuff away then changed her mind so she pretty much needs everything. Will probably be back on looking for advice about Christening gift. I have bought for other Christenings but I've never actually been the Godmother! The charm bracelet sounds fantastic but this baby is a little boy! Thanks again.

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