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Is it worth asking for a sweep?

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alana39 Sun 01-Nov-09 15:10:46

Sorry this has probably been asked loads of times before.

I am 40 + 2 with DC3 - the first 2 came 3 days early and bang on time, so not used to this waiting! I have a mw appointment on Tuesday if still haven't delivered, so will be 40 + 4.

Is this too soon for a sweep, and is it worth having one? I seem to recall reading somewhere that they only work in about half of all cases which makes me wonder if it's coincidental that labour gets going soon after anyway, and if it's really worth going through any extra discomfort.


ja9 Sun 01-Nov-09 15:22:04

i asked when i was 40 +2. i was desperate to know that i was doing everything i could to speed it up. dc1 was 12 days early so in my mind i was already weeks late. dd finally came 40+4. sweep helped me psychologically if nothing else iyswim

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