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QE2 or Lister

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HarrietLKF Tue 27-Oct-09 14:03:32

I am hoping for some advice. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with non-identical twins (i.e have own placentas)and am booked in to have the babies at the QE2 in Welwyn Garden City. I have heard bad things about this hospital and am considering switching to Lister, especially as their special care facilities are better. I have been told that to do this I have to go to my GP and re register with the lister and have all my appointments, growth scans with them etc. I am concerned that I have left it to late for this change now and 2 get apppointments at the lister will be impossible. I don't want to fall between the cracks and be left with no care. Can anyone pass on experiences they might have had at either hospital?

Swedes2Turnips0 Tue 27-Oct-09 15:44:14

Hi Harriet. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I had DD (3) and DS3 (2) at QEII - I had a planned c-section both times and the staff present at the c-section were amazing. And it was lovely that the staff were in the main the same both times.

Are you expecting your twins to arrive particularly early? Are your growth scans OK so far?

Milliemuffin Tue 27-Oct-09 22:28:21

Hi Harriet, congrats on your pregnancy!

I cant comment/advise on how to go about changing if you decide you want to but what I do know is that when I worked at Lister on the maternity ward (as a photographer for Bounty) I met many mum's from wgc and when I asked why they were at Lister instead of the QE2 they all said it was because they'd either experienced QE2 and not had a pleasant experience or they knew of others that had so you're not alone.

I had my DS at Lister and then applied for and accepted the job at Lister because I was more than happy with the treatment I received and would happily recommend the hospital. Some people also came from Bedford, Luton, St.Albans and even Cambridge because they'd heard good things. Hope this helps xx

misdee Tue 27-Oct-09 22:35:02

lister lister lister

i switched over at about 33weeks with dd3. was no problem, just asked to move care and they did. i had dd1 at the QE2, dd2+3 at lister, and dd4 at home.

mumof2rugrats Wed 28-Oct-09 08:13:42

hi congratulations on your pregnancy grin

i had both my dds at lister
dd1 was induced and had a very plesent experience they let me stay till i was ready to leave and that was a week
dd2 was induce as i was over due then when i went into labour they told me they had no birthing rooms as it was a busy night and they couldnt take me to QE2 as they were full too so i had my baby on the ward and i only just got a midwife to but she was the best i could ask for.
iv heard good and bad storys for both hospitals.
good luck with your babies.

PootleTheFlump Wed 28-Oct-09 11:22:20

I know people who have great experiences at QE2 and not such good experiences at the Lister. So much can depend on staff/circumstances at the time. I would factor in how much the extra journey would bother you compared with how likely you feel you would be to need the extra facilities on offer. Depending on where you are, I know people that have gone to the Rosie in Cambridge and had v positive reports.

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