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Arnica? Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil?

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QTPie Mon 26-Oct-09 14:58:38

Ok, I am only 26 weeks, but am trying to get prepared...

I have seen in various places that Arnica can aid recovery after birth:
- presumably Arnica tablets are good for any type of birth (natural or CS)? Is it recommended to start taking them before birth? If so, how long?
- Arnica cream - where can you use it? On the scar if you have a CS? If so, straight away? Any stitches/grazes "down there"? I don't want to start applying it to a "sensitive place" just to sting like hell and come up with an awful rash.... blush
- What is the recommendation for Tea Tree and/or Lavendar Oil? Is it a couple of drops of each in bath water after either a natural birth or a CS?

Anything else that can promote recovery?


shockers Mon 26-Oct-09 15:11:08

Arnica is for bruising so I should imagine it would be great for after can be taken orally or applied as a cream Better check with a homeopath if you're planning to BF.
I use it a lot for ds's football and rugby knocks.

notjustapuppymum Mon 26-Oct-09 15:29:03

QTPie arnica is great after any type of surgery or trauma to the body. You can start taking the arnica pillules during labour, the 30c dose, not the 6c and continue as directed.

The arnica cream cannot be applied to broken skin so no good for stitches/grazes - that's more for bruised knees etc!

Tea Tree can be put into a bath after birth or a few drops directly on your sanitary towel. Also if you have a bidet, sitting in cold with a few drops of tea tree will be heaven apparently!

You can use lavender oil the same way, or during labour you can put a few drops on a hanky and inhale or in an oil burner depending on where you are.

Hope that helps - good luck x

Faifly Mon 26-Oct-09 16:20:39

Panthenol spray/bepanthen cream is great for any type of skin injury including 3rd degree burns, i've been using it for years and really can't live without it. Often use it as face cream coz my skin is super sensitive and hurts after washing. Applied it to the war zone just hours after delivery. All it did was make the area feel warm for a bit. It's plain magic, you can also apply it to sore/cracked nipples (better than lansinoh trust me) and baby's bottom to treat nappy rash. The active ingredient is called dexpanthenol or pro-vitamine B5 and it's the substance your body uses to repair skin damage, i.e. it's 100% natural. Dexpanthenol is the main ingredient in bepanthen nappy rash ointment and things like panthene shampoo. THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH IT BUT AN ESSENCIAL ONE is it's not on the UK market tho you can get it pretty much anywhere else in the EU angry. Why they do bepanthen ointment but not bepanthen cream over here is beyond me hmm(the cream contains more dexpanthenol and is easier to apply as it's not oily). I get it either from my family in eastern europe or order it online from abroad in which case i end up paying more for postage than the thing itself sad have a look at this website or if you speak say french or german you could get it from across the channel

tigger32 Mon 26-Oct-09 21:11:22

notjustapuppy can I ask why you should use the 30c and not 6c arnica please? I have just looked and I've got the 6c, are they no good?

QTPie Tue 27-Oct-09 10:27:42

Thank you very much... all valuable advice (glad that I didn't rub arnica cream onto any stitches down there... shock ).

Will look into the bepanthen cream too {smile]

Any more tipes very gratefully received smile


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