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Was this my mucus plug?

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MrsHappy Sat 24-Oct-09 07:05:36

I am 40+2 with my second baby so I ought to know, but I never saw my mucus plug the first time around.
I was having some more serious than normal tightenings this morning between about 4 and 5:30 (eased off now, I think, although I have backache and when I move around I feel a lot of pressure). When I went to the loo just now I wiped and there was a lot of rather pink (but not bright blood red) mucus on the loo roll. Does the fact that it had a fair amount of blood in it sound ok? I will call my midwives once it is a decent hour to confirm, but just looking for some reassurance in the meantime! I'm having a VBAC so prone to nerves and feel like a novice!


callmeovercautious Sat 24-Oct-09 07:13:35

Morning smile yes mine started the same way. Expect more though - I was suprised by how it kept coming!

Georgimama Sat 24-Oct-09 07:17:12

Yes, that's a "show" as they say. I thought mine would all come away in one go but it took ages (well 2 days) to come away in bits and blobs. My pains didn't start straight away though so sounds like things are happening for you.

Unless you're having a home birth I would ring the delivery suite, you can call them at any hour, as many times as you like, they won't get cross with you and are very reassuring. My hospital kept saying, "if you want to come in, you can come in as soon as you want to. You can always leave again."

The blood does sound normal to me though.

MrsHappy Sat 24-Oct-09 07:22:41

Oh grim. It's kind of disgusting and is making me feel a bit sick! Although come to think of it maybe I am just going to have a pre-labour vomit too.
I have independent midwives as well as the hospital on standby (belt and braces!) so lots of people to call in a bit if things start to look interesting.

Thanks for the responses. Think I might try to get a bit more sleep in case it kicks off this weekend.

It's very exciting though - have to keep reminding myself that even after this I might have to wait days and days for this baby! Although last time I was 4cm before I lost my plug so maybe I am already a bit dilated this time.

Grendle Sat 24-Oct-09 10:26:29

Hope this is the start of things for you. Sounds positive smile.

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