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Is it possible...

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Grendle Fri 23-Oct-09 19:43:35

... for a baby to actually crawl out throug one's fanjo hmm? I am 37+2 with number 3 and I swear this child is trying to break out through my nether regions. It is SO uncomfortable and I don't remember it being anything like this with either of the others.

<sobs pointlessly>

TeenyTinyToria Sat 24-Oct-09 00:19:58

I had this with dd in the weeks leading up to giving birth. It felt like she was digging her way out. I do sympathise, it's horrible.

Grendle Sat 24-Oct-09 10:24:41

I think it's just very low down and quite engaged, but it's so annoying. Feels like I need a poo a lot of the time too (well, when I don't actually need one, which is now several times a day despite not really eating much exceot mashed potato any more, as I can't face it hmm).

And everyone keeps telling me 3rd babies don't engage until labour. Ha ha ha. This one is lower than either of the others sad.

I also have pains down one thigh and leg at times, which comes with a lovely back ache and sort of dragging feeling across my lower bump/groin. I guess must be something to do with how the baby is lying some of the time?

With dd I was glowing at this point and really enjoying it all. I'm fed up with feeling so fed up and wishing time away.

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