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2nd degree tear problems? Perhaps TMI!

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mortifiedblushes Thu 22-Oct-09 17:17:20

I know that everyone will tell me to go to a doctor and I will when I get my head around it (have issues with nudity that not even childbirth cured me of - probably made me worse!)

I had a 2nd degree tear when I had my DD 10 months ago. I felt heavy in that area - as if my insides were falling out and was spotting blood, sometimes quite a lot for months afterwards. The heaviness and spotting disappeared for a few months, but I always seem to have this wetness. I assumed it was discharge because when I read up about incontinence I don't seem to have any of the common symptoms - no peeing when I laugh, sneeze etc and no urgent desire to pee all the time. I can still stop myslef peeing mid stream etc etc, but I just always seem to be wet. This was manageable until a few days ago. Now the discharge/pee is watery blood coloured, and stinks! I have to wear pads to contain it at the moment and there definitely seems to be blood coming from somewhere in the vagina - seems to be the scar- and it stings a little when I pee.

Anyone have any ideas about what it could be? I'm just so tired of doctors looking at me as if I have 2 heads and telling me patronisingly that I'm having/have just had a baby - can't face another wasted trip if that's all they'll tell me!

Thanks loads

Lulumama Thu 22-Oct-09 17:23:15

bloody smelly discharge and stinging when you wee is not something that should be ignored, it might not be related to your tearing either, 10 months post birth

if your GP is not really taking you seriously, then perhpas you should see the practice nurse

you might have a UTI and / or an infection

you need to be seen sooner rather than later

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