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so are 3rd babys as tricky as they say or do they just fall out?

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madmissy Wed 21-Oct-09 22:15:55


all this talk of 2nd labours but i want to know on 3rds...

some say that its easy as and others say that tricky to get going?

so what are we on average?

obviously i am due number 3!

EasyEggs Wed 21-Oct-09 22:22:21

Mine fell out grin

Woke up 8days overdue at 1.20am needing a wee, realised I was having BH, ha ha, that I realised an hour later were real thing. Rang for mw to be sent out as was having hb, things progressed very quickly and dp delivered our dd in the bath at 4.20am.

I think it's because she was 9lb 4oz, the weight just dragged her out wink

Good luck with number 3. I'm currently cooking numer 5....

madmissy Wed 21-Oct-09 22:23:52

oooh good luck to you too!

dd1 was 24 hrs
dd2 was 3 hrs

soooo am expecting a quickie wink

cat64 Wed 21-Oct-09 22:27:52

Message withdrawn

castille Wed 21-Oct-09 22:30:30

I was nervous too - my Mum had a tricky time with her 3rd

But mine was the easiest despite induction - all over in a couple of hourssmile

madmissy Wed 21-Oct-09 22:32:14

dd2 was a induction and a very quick one at that!
midwife made a comment that 3rds can be hard to get going but fly out when you have got going hmm

lockets Wed 21-Oct-09 22:32:53

Message withdrawn

MerlinsBeard Wed 21-Oct-09 22:34:37

Pregnancy was my worst pregnancy but I quite enjoyed the labour - as in it went MY way. Was my longest labour though(5 hours) and I was 2 weeks early

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Wed 21-Oct-09 22:50:42

I'm hoping my third will just plop out.

sazm Wed 21-Oct-09 22:54:56

my 3rd labour lasted a total of 5 mins,ended in ds being born into daddys arms in the middle of the sitting room,surprising as we were expecting a dd!!!!
poor hubby was in shock for about a week,i was ok after a day or 2 though!

madmissy Wed 21-Oct-09 23:01:20

Wow sazm! Don't have much to go on for when he will arrive as dd1 was on time dd2 was induced at 38weeks so will be nerve racking few weeks! I'm almost 32weeks

1dilemma Wed 21-Oct-09 23:06:43

My midwives say third labours are always different ie if you're quick and easy you end up being induced or CS etc.
Looks like most on this thread prove them wrong grin

sazm Wed 21-Oct-09 23:21:26

lol,my first was born @ 35 weeks - 4 hour labour
2nd was @37 weeks - induced as contractions kept starting stopping - 2 hrs after drip started

3rd @ 38 weeks - was engaged from 34 weeks and midwife told me to expect baby any time,she was surprised i lasted until 38 weeks - but labour was 5mins tops lol,

good luck xx

l39 Thu 22-Oct-09 07:25:31

3rd labour was quickest and easiest!

1st 12 hours
2nd 3 hours
3rd 1.25 hours (induced)
4th 2.5 hours

twinklegreen Thu 22-Oct-09 07:43:02

My 3rd labour was a very easy birth, definately the best of the three.
1st 10hrs
2nd 4 hrs (induced) 2hr50 active labour
3rd 4hrs10min, 1hr30mins active labour

Frrrightattendant Thu 22-Oct-09 07:54:26

Oooh Missy congratulations!!!! When, when?? grin

i am watching with interest as would love to have a third one day, once I have tamed a suitable bloke.

sockmonkey Thu 22-Oct-09 07:55:24

I'm expecting my third... all these fast labours are scaring me a bit. DH works about an hour away. Will have to keep fingers crossed for a weekend baby grin

izzybiz Thu 22-Oct-09 07:56:09

My 2nd labour was the quickest and easiest, my 3rd was still pretty quick (3hours) but the most painful experience of my entire life!
Ds2 was 10lb 10oz and pushing his head out, I thought I was going to die! shock
Obviously I didn't grin

Frrrightattendant Thu 22-Oct-09 07:56:22

I also heard third babies can throw you btw...fwiw my first was about 7-8 hours, start to finish, (had epidural so slowed it down) and second was 3 and a half.

HOPing third (if it ever happens) might be one of your half hour types.grin

madmissy Thu 22-Oct-09 09:13:29

Lol thanks! Due 21st december! Our first little boy too! Tres excited! I said to dh this morn if its quicker than dd2 at 3 hours then he will be delivering it lol

Stayingscarygirl Thu 22-Oct-09 10:07:40

Sorry to tell you this, but ds3 took 20 hours to arrive. Mind you, that was quicker than ds2 (24 hours) and much quicker than ds1 (just under 38 hours), so something of an improvement. hmm

Judging by the other posts here, though, I'm something of an oddity - nothing new there, then!!

Congratulations and good luck, madmissy.

madmissy Thu 22-Oct-09 10:09:42

lol you are slowly getting quicker labours! i feel for you 24 hrs with dd1 was no fun! let alone 38! thanks for the congrats

Stayingscarygirl Thu 22-Oct-09 10:16:45

I did wonder how many babies I'd have to have in order to get down to the 'average' 10 hour labour - but decided to stop at three. They are now 12, 14 and 16, and whilst I do get broody from time to time (especially when I post on threads like yours or Flame's homebirth thread), I've not been tempted enough to give it another go!

Mung Thu 22-Oct-09 10:19:41

I've heard the same about 3rd labours taking a while to get started...not sure how true it is and why people say it. I am hoping that the active labour is quick though. I have no muscles left to put up a fight so I am optimistic...I'm just dreading trying to get it all tucked back in afterwards shock

moosemama Thu 22-Oct-09 10:21:45

ds1 took days - literally.
ds2 24 hrs
dd 1 hr 30 min start to finish.

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