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Can anyone medical please give me some advice re my pelvic floor? TMI within ...

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DitaVonCheese Sat 17-Oct-09 21:45:28


For a little while following the birth of DD, I could only pee standing up. I assumed that my bladder was a bit bruised from the delivery or something. She's now just over a year blush and I often find that I feel as though I still need to pee even when I've just been and need to stand up to completely empty my bladder. I'm wondering whether I should go and see my GP (or HV?) but think they might just say it's a pelvic floor issue - I wasn't very good at doing my exercises while pregnant. Doing them now when I remember but does anyone know whether this is likely to be PF-related or if I ought to be seeing a doctor sooner rather than later?

whyme2 Sat 17-Oct-09 22:32:25

tbh sounds odd to me and I would gather my courage and see my gp.

DitaVonCheese Sat 17-Oct-09 23:17:44

Cheers for the reply I don't mind seeing the GP about it (since giving birth I have lost all sense of inhibition I may once have had!) it's just the hassle of making the appt etc and I will be a bit embarrassed if they just tell me to do my exercises!

MrsHappy Sun 18-Oct-09 11:43:52

I'm not a medical person but I also think you should see the GP. I have heard that childbirth can make peeing difficult for reasons other than just having PF issues. If it is just your pelvic floor, all well and good, and if not, you may as well get it sorted.

Reallytired Sun 18-Oct-09 12:16:38

You need to see your GP and ask for a referal to an obstetic physio. Its nothing to be ashamed of and surprisingly common.

thereluctantrobin Sun 18-Oct-09 12:36:33

It's worth seeing the GP, it could be related to some kind of prolapse (don't panic though!) as that can cause problems completely emptying the bladder in a sitting position (because it has fallen back a little so the angle is wrong). That doesn't mean doctors will do anything special about it, if it's mild, but it's worth knowing about. It is important to try to empty completely to avoid infections. PF exercises are still really important and should help, even if it is that, so it would be good to see a physio too, as Reallytired said - they can help to make sure you're doing the exercises as effectively as possible. Certain postures when sitting and walking can also help to keep things back where they're supposed to be, or at least stop them moving any further.

thereluctantrobin Sun 18-Oct-09 12:38:08

PS Just reread your thread title and wanted to make it clear that I'm not medical either, I just thought your situation sounded familiar!

DitaVonCheese Mon 19-Oct-09 00:01:40

Fab, thanks for the advice ladies, much appreciated

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