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Can you have 2 people at your c-section?

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mummytopebs Wed 14-Oct-09 21:40:41

Got a section booked for jan partner is going to be there but just wondered if i could have my best friend there to? She is a nurse and i suffer from panic attacks and was going to have a general but feel with her support as well i would try a spinal

paranoidmother Thu 15-Oct-09 13:13:37

I don't see why you shouldn't especially if you explain to them about the panic attacks and that she is a nurse.

I had a section with a spinal and it was all very calm and had a lovely lovely gorgeous doctor, even though it ended up being an emergency c section 8 hours before the booked one. DS had already gone from nothing to fully dilated in 2 hours and his feet were almost out. He still is a hurry to do everything now!!

Good luck, give your hospital a call or MW.

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