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Anyone else overdue - 41+ weeks and its all feeling a bit surreal

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Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 14-Oct-09 14:36:45

That's it really - just looking for some support from anyone else that might be overdue.

This will be DC2, DS was born on his due date by emergency CS following spontaneous rupture of membranes in the early hours, then failure to progress.

This time we've been hoping for a VBAC, and consultant had been planning on sweeps from 37 weeks - but due to head being high I haven't had a single one yet!

Consultant appointment tomorrow when we'll be discussing options and potentially scheduling an elective cs for next week.

And yes, I'm on a birth ball, I've been eating spicy foods (although not that keen as don't want to be dehydrated hmm), sex, nipple stimulation, reflexology, long walks, and am taking rlt capsules... baby is not budging.

I'm desperately trying to distract myself and its just not working. I'm fairly well housebound as can't fit behind the steering wheel any more, limited to tv (yawn), books (back / arm ache hmm!) and MN grin.

Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 14-Oct-09 15:39:51

Come on, I can't be the only one overdue, can I?

What are you all doing?

Herecomesbod Wed 14-Oct-09 17:26:13

You are not alone! I'm 41 wks, 5 days, had a great pregnancy up until 2 weeks ago, now have spd, haven't slept in days. Finally had my show last Friday, ended up going to labour ward as thought I was having contractions. Turns out they are "fixing pains", baby's own special way of getting in position. In agony all last night with spd, have ended up on a tens machine today just for a bit of relief. Booked for induction on Saturday if no sign before then, dreading it tbh! Sorry to moan but I feel your pain, hope everything goes well for you. Btw, this is my first, which is why I'm so neurotic! Have also tried all the usual stuff, curry, pineapple, sex, birthing ball etc., so hang in there, your baby must love being inside you...

Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 14-Oct-09 18:20:11

Hi Herecomesbod - not heard of 'fixing pains' and consider myself very lucky not to have had any SPD. And btw, you don't sound neurotic at all. I used my tens machine loads last time, and as I understand it, the earlier you put it on, the more effective it is as you progress, because your body is 'used' to its way of stimulating pain relief - at 41+5 you can't have much longer to go - surely!

I haven't had a show yet either, although I think I've read that I won't necessarily know about it.

Rightly or wrongly, I've poured a very small glass of red wine out this evening, as figure staying calm is most important at the moment.

I just feel like life is on hold - not working, not driving (coz I can't fit behind the steering wheel), not sleeping coz I need the loo all the time - grrrrr.

To be honest, its not that I 'want this baby out', so much as I'm concerned about the way its going to come out...

Murtette Thu 15-Oct-09 01:31:27

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like this! I'm (only!) 40 + 6 but am feeling really fed up since I saw the midwife today as the baby has been LOA for weeks now and 3/5 engaged since week 38 has decided to turn to ROA (which apparently is likely to end up as posterior positioning) and has somehow wiggled her way back up so she's only 2/5 engaged. Oh, and when the midwife did the stretch and sweep she said that there was no sign that spontaneous labour would happen any time soon. Great!

Like the rest of you, I'm not driving any more as its too uncomfortable and, whilst I had been enjoying a couple of days of sitting around not doing much, I think I'm about to reach my boredom limits. In an attempt to stop the baby being in a posterior position, I've been banned from sitting on the sofa but leaning over my ball/sitting on a chair backwards etc isn't exactly the most comfortable way to spend the day. There's no point doing any more cooking for the freezer as it is completely jammed full now. I just hope the decent weather continues so that I can still go for a long (but slow!) walk each day.

Fingers crossed that we all get to meet our babies soon!

Sparklytwinkletoes Thu 15-Oct-09 21:55:41

Hi Murtette - my freezer is bursting too! I started preparing ages ago because consultant wanted me to give birth early to avoid baby being too big - that seems to have backfired somewhat!

Been to consultant today, and baby is too high, she once again couldn't reach the cervix because baby's head isn't pushing it down, and so no sweep.

Instead, we've come up with a plan to give me one last chance for a vaginal birth - with the use of prostaglandin pessary on sunday morning, if I haven't had it by Monday, we'll go to c-section.

Although having said that, I've had back ache all evening and seem to be having some contractions which are a shade stronger than BH's, but not as strong as I had earlier in the week hmm

(Talk about wishful thinking eh!)

Murtette Tue 20-Oct-09 10:38:39

So, ladies, have any of you had your babies yet? I'm now 40 + 12 and am being induced tomorrow. Its all beginning to feel really surreal and part of me wouldn't be at all surprised to turn up at hospital tomorrow and be told its a phantom pregnancy (despite the hefty kicks I'm currently getting!). I feeling a bit disappointed (and guilty) as I seem to be getting less excited about meeting my baby. I'm hoping that its just because I can't believe that she is going to finally turn up.

KathleenMay Tue 20-Oct-09 14:32:33

hey there, I'm overdue too! 40 + 9 and being induced tomorrow. Reading the induction leaflet says prostoglandin gel followed by membrane rupture followed by drip... they dont mention leaving you alone in between the membrane rupture and drip to see if you start on your own, I hope they do.

And then cheerfully they say that the liklihood of longer labour, ventouse, forceps, pain relief etc etc is all more likely with an induction! Think I'll ask them if they would leave me some time after membrane rupture to see if I go without the drip.

Tried everything. Rasberry leaf tablets and tea, walking, spicy food, cleaning, reflexology... baby engaged but no budging since.

And I so wanted a natural labour!

Hope you ladies are seeing progress. Murtette looks like we're on the same day! ;-)

Murtette Tue 20-Oct-09 16:18:48

Kathleen May - In the induction leaflet for my hospital they say to arrive at 11; pessary at 3pm; second pessary at 8pm and then drip at 8am the following morning which suggests that they give you a bit of time between each intervention to see if it takes effect or not. And yes, they have all of the stuff about longer labour etc. At the moment, I just want the baby out so am prepared for them to do whatever it takes to get it out! Having said that, I'm still hoping to go into spontaneous labour overnight and end up in the birthing pool as originally planned.
Good luck for tomorrow!

KathleenMay Tue 20-Oct-09 18:05:00

Yes you too ;) I had the same idea of the pool, looks like that will go by the wayside!

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